Error - Mailbox is Full

  wobbler 12:00 26 Jan 2009

I am using winxp with outlook 2003. Virginmedia is my ISP. I get the following error mressage when a certain email is sent, My online mailbox is empty but i cannot receive it. Where is the message coming from and what can I do?

Unfortunately, because your mailbox is full, messages cannot be delivered to you. This may be as a result of you receiving large files that have used up your quota.

But don't worry it.s easy to fix. All you have to do is delete the messages you don't need from your "Inbox", "Sent", "Trash/Deleted" and any other webmail folder, starting with the oldest ones first.

That way you'll make plenty of room for your new messages and you'll start to receive them straight away. Please remember that we can't keep any emails that we can't deliver to you. So it's important to make sure you've always got space in your mailbox for incoming messages.

Quota Type: bytes in the message
Quota Available: 10240000
Total Quota: 10240000

The following is the information on the message that was not delivered:

Sender: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Subject: Re: Fwd: accommodation
Size: 12997029
Message ID: [email protected]>
Date: Mon Jan 26 11:37:08 2009

To fix this problem, delete some messages from your "Inbox", "Sent", "Trash/Deleted" or any other webmail folder. Remember, if the size of the message being sent to you is too big, ask the sender to reduce it if they can and resend.

  DippyGirl 12:17 26 Jan 2009

From your post
Quota Available: 10240000
Size: 12997029
Its too big to be received
If you know who is sending it ask them to reduce the size or upload it to a filesharing site and send you the URL
If you dont know the sender - ignore it or if you can report it as spam to the mail provider (Virgin?) do so

  lotvic 14:11 26 Jan 2009

By my reckoning, 12997029 bytes = just under 12½ Mb
(That's one heck of a biggi email)
Is that bigger than your entire allowance on Virgin?
Did you empty the Trash folder online?

  Graphicool1 14:14 26 Jan 2009

Do you know anyone that might want to send you an email, from Bedford University? that is where this originates from ''. I believe it to be spam.

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