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  glen2 13:19 02 Nov 2005

When i turn the computer on i get Error Loading nvgpio.dll.Then when i press ok i get a box with TODO ???????????????.In the box top right there is 2 tabs with ??.I press one of them and it goes away.Put new drivers on the pc (Nvidia 6800gt) used driver cleaner pro before hand,but still the same.When in game on call of duty.The game locks up for about 10-15secs then is ok again.

  ACOLYTE 13:30 02 Nov 2005

I have had a scan around the net and found a few things,firstly the nvgpio.dll should be in the C:\Windows\System32 folder,there is also talk about the personal cimema features,and if you have a folder called
ProgramFiles\intervideo\common\bin there may be the same .dll file in there so you could copy paste from there to the system32 folder.
I dont know if it would work,you could also try reinstalling the graffix driver again without useing driver cleaner first.Then check to see if there is an update on the nvidea site.


  glen2 13:33 02 Nov 2005

thanks i'll have a look

  glen2 13:43 02 Nov 2005

FOUND THIS SO FINGERS CROSSED IT'LL WORK.MY 6800GT AINT MSI BUT MY BOARD IS SO LETS HOPE IT WORKS.Apparently nvgpio has to deal with MSI's Dynamic Over-Clocking system.The only way to get the fullbenefiet of your card ( and to lose these errors ) is to use MSI's drivers. The only problem with this is that you won't get the latest drivers as others do as you'll be stuck using what MSI gives you access to.

  glen2 17:41 02 Nov 2005

got it workin with the MSI drivers all well.and then i updated them once the missing file was put in .Runnin sweet now.

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