Error on end of Summertime clock setting?

  Nosmas 11:21 31 Oct 2004

Running W98. I normally keep my system running 24/7, but just to tidy up after each days usage I re-boot before going to bed.

My Date/Time Properties window is checked to "automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" and in the past I have normally received a message stating that my clock has been adjusted. I am fairly certain that the message has appeared immediately my monitor is awakened from its slumber in the morning (Power Saving is set to turn it off after 10 minutes of inactivity). This morning, not only was there no message, but I immediately noticed that the clock was 23 hours slow - it showed 11:30 am on 30th October instead of 10:30 am on the 31st.

I also noted that the Sygate Personal Firewall Traffic Log (which is set to filter only 1 day's events) was blank, but when changed to filter 2 days then showed the log up to the time I re-booted last night. Also the AVG anti-virus which is set to automatically run a Complete Test every morning at 07:30, this morning showed the latest test had run on 30/10/04 instead of 31/10/04.

In the UK our clocks are normally adjusted at 2:00 am. I am not sure at what time in the early hours the Windows system makes the clock changes, but am wondering if it tried to make the change whilst I was still using the system, or during the re-boot? (I went to bed at about 01:40 am BST = 12:40 am GMT).

Has anyone else had a similar experience or can suggest what has gone wrong?

  vinnyT 12:11 31 Oct 2004

I think that what has happened here, is that your system clock is slow/wrong, double click on the clock in the system bar, check that the date/time is correct, if not then alter it and this should sort out your problem.

Course I could be wrong, maybe your pc is confused and can't believe summer is over before we had one.

Hope this helps.

  Nosmas 12:19 31 Oct 2004

Thanks for your reply. Yes my system clock WAS WRONG as of this morning, but was correct when I looked at it last night after re-booting. I have now corrected both the time and date, but am puzzled as to what caused the error overnight just at the point when the change back to GMT should have occurred automatically.

  igk 12:40 31 Oct 2004

Nosmas, This could be the first indication that your BIOS backup battery (on your Mobo) is on its way out and needs replacing,in other words a coincidence re your time problem,these batteries go with very little warning so it may be an idea to get one handy.If you need any help re changing it get back here ok,Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 12:47 31 Oct 2004

You're welcome, and igks' advice is sound.

  Nosmas 13:54 31 Oct 2004

Thanks for you idea, but that doesn't seem to explain the absence of the normal message that Windows has altered the clock because of the end of daylight saving.

Thanks also for your offer of help re changing battery, but I am proposing to upgrade (change) my motherboard in the near future so hope that if my present battery is on its way out, it will last until then!

  Nosmas 19:45 01 Nov 2004

Thinking more about the suggestion by igk that the battery is on its way out, I don't think that can be the cause as my PC is on 24/7 and therefore drawing power from the mains.

I tried an experiment last night - Sunday 31/10/04. After running my usual re-boot before going to bed, at 23:50 I reset the date to Saturday 30/10/04, but didn't alter the time. This morning when my monitor was awakened, there was the message I had expected to see on Sunday morning stating that my clock had been adjusted, and the clock showed the time had been put back 1 hour. So it would seem my system had a "wobbly" over the weekend and didn't adjust my clock by the correct amount.

  igk 21:05 01 Nov 2004

The BIOS back up battery is in use all the time regardless of the state of the computer turned on or off.

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