"Error downloading URL" when Synchronising?

  panhandle 00:37 17 Dec 2005

I've just acquired a laptop which I am trying to network with my desktop as the 'host'. Have set up network connections OK [cabled], have got shared folders OK and effectively mirrored "My Documents".
Through MSN Windows Network I can look at folder on Host from Laptop & Vice-versa - but unable to sychronise, which I have set-upo & try to run from Tools/Options/sychronise.
I get error message "Error Downloading URL" - but not consistently - ie it can read on both computers or just one, or both can be successful but no update occurs.
I try to run sychronise from the shared My Docs folders on each desktop.
Both machines are XP Pro. Help please, it must something really basic?

  mgmcc 08:55 17 Dec 2005

Can I suggest you save yourself a lot of hassle and install a little synchronisation program called "Allway Sync" - click here - which is very easy to set up and use.

It is free for "moderate" personal use. Just be aware that, if used excessively, it "suggests" you upgrade to the Pro (paid-for) version. If you continue to use it for more than it considers to be "moderate" use, it stops working until either you upgrade or you usage over the last 30 days drops back to their "moderate" level.

Alternatively, use Windows' Briefcase to keep files sync'd. I'm not sure what the "Synchronize" application you are trying to use is actually supposed to do, but it is based on web pages and isn't what you want to keep your data sync'd between computers.

  panhandle 09:54 17 Dec 2005

I've downloaded and run on host, and 'analysed' F:\Docs & Settings\MikeP\My Documents [the shared folder]in the left hand tab. I'm not sure what to put in the RH tab/box?
The shared folder path on the laptop is C:\Docs & Settings\User\My Documents but that is obviously also a path on the host.
I am not the brightest when it comes to this aspect of computing!
I've also downloaded allsync onto the laptop, typed the above path in, but do not get the option even to analyze...............
It is me I am sure. Can you help again?

  panhandle 10:29 17 Dec 2005

I cottoned on to put the laptop folder path in the right hand box by browsing into 'My Network Places' Windows Network - so I must be waking up.
Right now the synchronisation is running, which may take a bit of time, it is about 15GB.
So fine for now - I shall come back or mark resolved depending on outcome.

The application I was using before was whatever is built into Windows networking.

Many thanks. Mike.

  panhandle 10:47 17 Dec 2005

Thanks mgmmc. A great recommendation. By browsing just top the sub-folder worked on the time is really cut down as well.

I see you are in this forum a lot - what a star! My next task is setting up wireless, let's hope I am not back here.


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