"error detected on device"

  Phrixos 10:13 04 Jan 2006


My XPsp2 system has two hard disks, partitioned as follows:

P:Program Files
D: Data
O: Other Data


S: SwapFile
V: Vault Data
W: Vault Two
I: Drive Images

(Both these disks are virtually new.)

Frequently, my system freezes (I think I have a defective SATA connection on my mainboard--but I'm not positive) which produces a message in event viewer:

"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging operation."

There is as you can see however, no "D" partition on disk 2. I have been going on the assumption that "D" (2) means the "second" partition on drive 2, but since I am not at all sure about this, it leaves me with no option but to run chkdsk on ALL FOUR partitions--which is very time consuming. (As I said, this happens a lot.)

Can anyone tell me how to correctly interpret this message? At lest then I can be certain I am fixing the correct partition.

(--And can Microsoft please give a little more thought to its "messages"?)

All the best,

  recap 12:57 04 Jan 2006

It may be that your HD is on it's way out. I would suggest that you back up all your data that is on this drive just in case.

  Phrixos 14:57 05 Jan 2006

Thanks, recap, but my hard disk is definitely not the problem.

Don't suppose you know the answer to my actual question?


  Phrixos 09:14 09 Jan 2006

Anyone out there know how to interpret this error message?

If not, Microsoft, take note!


  gudgulf 10:04 09 Jan 2006

What size is your swapfile partition?

I'm wondering if this problem is associated with having all the page file on a disc seperate from Windows......although I do the same without problem(well almost,I have 100MB available on the C drive in case my second disc fails).

Do you know what program/s are running when the error occurs?.........I know from personal experience that some programs are not at all happy when installed on a partition seperate from the operating system.

Perhaps try enabling system managed virtual memory on the system disc as a temporary measure.If you do have a bad connection on one of the SATA leads it is possible that your progams can't communicate 100% with the page file.

  Phrixos 13:51 09 Jan 2006

Hi, gudgulf

Swap file is 1536-3072 on a 3.26Gb dedicated (1st) partition on HD-2.

Most times, the problem happens while I am working in Word (2003). The screen freezes--then the computer shuts itself off. For some reason I simply cannot fathom, half the time this happens, the BIOS settings are reported as "wrong" and the computer refuses to restart until I make changes--to the time, date, CPU setting and a few other things!

(Occasionally, It happens in IE-6.)


I'll try putting your suggestion about putting the page file back on HD-1. Will let you know.


  Phrixos 13:00 10 Jan 2006

Nope! moving the swapfile back on to the system drive didn't work. My suspicions have now become reinforced (while not absolutely certAIn") that I have a defective SATA connection on my motherboard. (Through substitution, I have ruled out the possibilities of defective hard drives and cables.)

NOTE WELL. As someone with an engineering background, I saw, from the second I first laid my eyes on the new SATA-based motherboard out of the box, that the basic design of the SATA socket is poor. The mechanical "moment" around the base of the connection is too great. (The board socket being so small AND STANDING ON ITS END like it is, and the cable connector being so long, the slightest lateral pressure on the connector--or a bump of the cable--is liable to snap the sub-hair-thin wires where the socket is connected to the board.) For this reason, the problem probably is not limited to my board's design (an Asus A7V800), but to all SATA-based boards. BE CAREFUL GUYS!


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