Error code: 0x80070017

  adopted.son 17:49 03 Dec 2010

Like a good noob, I used the search engine but found no threads on Windows 7 installation issues.
My rig: XP Pro sp3 / XP X64 sp2
Core2 Duo 3gHz, 3GB OCZ 6400 RAM
(2) WD Caviar Black 500GB
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 212D
Memorex DVD+-RAM 510L v1
ASUS video card
Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card/interface
Seasonic Bronze 520 psu (I think)

My story: In the beginning, I dual booted to accommodate CS5 on X64. It don't go that way so I began looking for a deal on W7 (90usd/ebay).
Installation fails with the above error code: 0x80070017 and another error message saying that I needed to make sure the drivers for my optical drives were current, which I did. Long story short, no joy.
What I've tried: Booting from disk. Launching setup from X64. Cleaned the partition of XPX64 by erasing the logical drive and repartitioning. Formatted a USB pen drive to NTFS and attempted to copy the disk to it. Got a "Cyclic Redundancy Check" error message. Tried to copy to hdd. Same Redundancy error message. Tried converting to iso to copy to hdd. Same Redundancy error message.
I just looked at my hdds in disk management and the drivers are 9 years old? They're pretty much brand new drives! I'll try to update and check back. I've also not yet tried removing all peripherals like some have suggested on the geek pages. What a PITA, disassembling your computer in order to install an OS....
In the meantime, here's to hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. If need be, I'll photobucket some screenshots.
I can't believe that there are thousands of identical issues -with both XP and Vista in trying to install W7 and no Microsoft patch issued.
Eric the Dangerous Noob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 03 Dec 2010

0x80070017 is usually a problem reading the disk in the DVD drive.

I assume you have tried the simple things like cleaning the disk and the drive laser.
Have you checked the transfer rate if IDE drives?
are the IDE channels set to DMA and not PIO?

  jimv7 18:05 03 Dec 2010
  adopted.son 18:10 03 Dec 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat, for ur response. No, I haven't checked the transfer rates. When I learn what that is and how to do it, I'll surely try. AFA setting channels, I'll have to learn that trick too.
I love this site. This is where I learned how to be a Dangerous Noob!
I'll get back to you on the above questions.

  adopted.son 18:16 03 Dec 2010

I'm refraining from telling you what you can do with that information. Why is it that some geeks are noob-friendly and others are like Best Buy employees? Can't we just all get along?
<a href="click here;current=nospamplease.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="click here" border="0" alt="nospamplease">Click Here!</a>

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 03 Dec 2010

i) IDE Channels: (Not required if you have SATA drives)
Check the transfer rate, you need to have the transfer mode set to DMA not PIO.
Right click My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Expand (click the + ) IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers right click Primary Channel - Advanced Settings Tab -
If transfer Mode is PIO then follow the instructions at click here to change.

  rdave13 18:21 03 Dec 2010

I don't know if you were redirected from jimv7's link but to me it shows rather useful Google search links pertaining to your problem. Nowt about spam.

  adopted.son 18:33 03 Dec 2010

Okay. I concede. Sorry Jim. You wouldn't have known that I've got Google on speed dial and have spent the last two days there.... that's how I learned to try what I've tried thus far. My bad for assuming that y'all would know that by the information I posted. Sorry. Guess I'm not so far removed from the Best Buy employees after all....

  adopted.son 18:47 03 Dec 2010

Thanks for the quick tutorial! And yes, they're both set to "Ultra DMA Mode 5". I'll have to download that app that reads the actual transfer rate that I found on, you got it, Google. click here
ps, "that code" usually refers to SATA optical drives from what I've gathered. The Pioneer is a SATA and the Memorex is not. The install fails on both.
There's one more trick I need to try: in DISKPART, there's a long menu of commands and I saw one that says it will show "disks" that are online but not marked as such. Maybe that'll give me access to my pendrive from another avenue... or not...

  rdave13 19:13 03 Dec 2010

Have you tried installing from usb? click here (FAT32)!
Assuming the DVD from Ebay is ok.

  adopted.son 19:33 03 Dec 2010

Yeah, assuming the disk is good, lol!
I followed the instructions here click here with no joy. It says to make it NTFS which I did. Here's what DISKPART did for me: nothing. <a href="click here;current=Diskpart_show.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="click here" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
And this is a screenshot of what happened in PowerISO: <a href="click here;current=ISOerror.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="click here" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
I could always download, burn, retry using my product code if I get that far!

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