error check before defrag? and multple defrags...

  theDarkness 14:27 05 Jan 2007
Locked it normal to sometimes have to do more than one defragmentation on one hard drive at once before it gives you the report of no longer needing another defrag?

..and is its wise to sometimes do a full hd error check before any defrag, rather than the other way around- if the hd is in need of both?

  Technotiger 14:30 05 Jan 2007

1st ... only one defrag should be needed.

2nd ... if your hd needs an error check, I believe your pc will tell you so, and in most case do the error check automatically.

  theDarkness 16:23 05 Jan 2007

ive had the computer since 2001 and its never asked for an error check (option next to defrag in the control panel), and ive hardly ever used a full defrag either,where the system restarts and goes through an hour or alot more of blue screen fun!?
ill assume that if there were errors a defrag first would prob b a bad idea, possibly making matters worse in the long run

  theDarkness 16:28 05 Jan 2007

ps- although the defrag does finish, after a check straight after, it will often state that the hd still could do with a defrag! it doesnt happen often, but it does happen, and more often than not its when the disc is almost full and im defragging on the minimum amount of space required to do it.

after a defrag, sometimes the system will state that it def does not need another, which would assume its done its job, but the files still seem scattered in the blue block even if all fragmented files (red) have gone. I never get that solid block of blue! haha :O

  Technotiger 18:04 05 Jan 2007

Nobody, as far as I know, ever gets a full block of blue, there will always be gaps, white and green blocks - this is normal.

I use, as do others on this Forum a little program called Smart Defrag, it works silently in the background keeping your hd defrag all the time. A gret little program, set it and forget it.

click here

  Technotiger 18:05 05 Jan 2007

Sorry about couple of little typos there :-0

  Technotiger 18:09 05 Jan 2007

PS - although the 'blurb' says that "crashes will be a thing of the past", that is not strictly true, crashes can still occur even while using the program, I don't think there is any piece of software that will prevent crashes ever occurring - I wish there was, no, one can only take precautions, and that is what I feel the SmartDefrag is a part of.

  freaky 18:44 05 Jan 2007

Had a similar problem a few months back with my old PC. Sometimes on bootup Windows would say the Drive needs to be checked for errors.

This started to happen more frequently, and it would take ages to defrag. Eventually I used Acronis to backup the drive, then replaced the drive with a new one. Since then the PC seems to be turbocharged !

  Angry Kid 22:12 05 Jan 2007

Give this program a try.

click here

I used this and eventually bought the program.

Myself and others I know are highly delighted with its performance.

It may help you.

Angry ;-)

  terryf 22:14 05 Jan 2007

I would try perfectdisk, it is good

  theDarkness 22:42 05 Jan 2007

thanks for all the replies-it is possible to get a full block of blue, but id have to do the defrag more than once at one time. techno- i could imagine windows crashing whilst a background defrag was permanently going on if you were ever using large amounts of data at the same time on the same drive, eg burning a dvd image from the hard drive onto disc or playing memory intensive programs/games/etc?

ill try the programs out that everyone recommends (smartdefrag and perfectdisk) but i would have thought that any program working constantly with a background defrag surely would not be a great think to do, possibly overworking the drive?unless the programs work in the bg at a very slow rate not to cause annoyance? i think only smartdefrag does the bg defrag though-? cheers :)

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