ERROR 80072ee7 Dial-up broadband

  Cameraman 10:40 04 Aug 2009

ERROR 80072ee7 Dial-up broadband problem My Brother-in-law has a Laptop using windows XP .To go on line he has to go Internet explorer right click internet properties and click always dial my default connection then- apply and OK -it and then dial-up and he is online but after switching off the next time he goes on line he cant reconnect unless he goes through the process again as internet properties has reverted to never dial a connection can you suggest how to stop this reverting to never dial a connection

  Fingees 10:46 04 Aug 2009

If he has broadband, it should always be set to never dial a connection anyway.

I would suggerst he has somehow set it to dial 0, this can happen although it doesn't actually dial out .

check how he has entered his connection.

  Cameraman 11:21 04 Aug 2009

Many thanks but with dial-up broad-band you have to dial-up I had to do this with broadband before I installed a router but I never had the problem he is having.

  hastelloy 14:27 04 Aug 2009

I may be wrong but I suspect you mean that he's on dial-up internet not broadband?

The error would seem to be an MSN Messenger error click here=

  woodchip 14:31 04 Aug 2009

BroadBand does not use Dial-Up

  baldydave 15:13 04 Aug 2009

Could it be that he is using a speedtouch type modem on broadband,if i remember correctly when you first go online from starting your pc etc you clicked internet explorer a box would pop up with username and password and you had to hit the connect box.I had this set up on virgin net adsl broadband with a speedtouch 330 modem ie it did not connect automatically like a router does.

  Cameraman 15:51 04 Aug 2009

Many thanks for you answers I know many think you have to a router for broadband but older versions have pial-up(Ithink it is only 3 didgits) to dial-up and this is the system mu brother-in-law is using and this the system he has this problem He lives about 100 miles away from me and has no one near to help him I visited him when I was on Holiday and he asked to help but when I resetted his preferences it would work until I switched off I when you switched on next it would come up with this error and it I could'nt cure it so I am hoping you can help--You have been been very helpful in the past

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