Error 755 Call was blocked by remote computer

  Widows Son 19:32 18 Apr 2004

A friend of mine has just purchased a tiny PC

He has decided against using the preinstalled supranet ISP in favour of Freeserve hometime. Every time he attempts to connect he gets a "Error 775 Call was blocked by remote computer" message. This occurs before the PC tries to dial the number & will even happen if the modem is unplugged. He has removed the Supranet software using the add/remove and the icon no longer shows up in the connections tab. Any ideas folks?

I suspect Tiny may be trying to tie him to Supranet - but I'm not sure

  bremner 19:38 18 Apr 2004

Apparently removal of the Supanet software is not at all easy. I quote from another thread

"According to PCPro, all Tiny PCs come with a software modem preloaded with the Supanet ISP and this has to be removed (Supanet, not the modem) before you can use your own ISP . The removal or "Deoptimisation" procedure shown in the June 2004 issue looks a bind to say the least."

I assume this to be the problem.

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:43 18 Apr 2004

You could be right GeeksOnline click here says it's an OEM issue.

  pc moron 19:48 18 Apr 2004
  Widows Son 20:33 18 Apr 2004

I do think this is a bit of a 'dirty action' by Tiny and I wonder how they can get away with it when Microsoft couldn't get away with supplying a free browser.

He could ring at £1 per minute and get talked through the modem "supanet deoptimised" but I've advised him to buy another modem (£10 - 20) and not give tiny extra income

Certainly it would put me off recommending Tiny

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