error 404- website disappeared

  hargranules 13:32 10 Jul 2006

I had a thread running on Friday pm for comments on my new website. I then followed some advice about changing the file names on my pages. Since then i can no longer view my site and keep getting a forbidden access to server message- error 404.

I have changed the homepage back to index.html and I have wriiten over all the pages. But still cannot get it to work.

I am hosting with Heart Internet and using Microsoft Front Page.

  Djohn 14:20 10 Jul 2006

I've linked your other post to here, hope you don't mind. Its much better if you can keep everything to one post so that members can check on what you have tried and whether it has worked or not. here is your other post. click here

Not sure why your seeing the 404, I'm also seeing the same while trying to gain access to your site. :o(

I've just had a go at my first site also using FrontPage 2003. If you open your home page in your editor is it saved as index.htm That is what I chose to save mine as. I made the title of the page as 'Home' but in the save as box used the file ext. as above. This is what your browser will be looking for and if it can't find it then you will get the 404.

Sorry I can't offer much more help on this but I'm also right at the beginning of designing a website for the first time such as yourself.

  slowhand_1000 15:31 10 Jul 2006

Not having used Frontpage, is there an option for you to view your sites files on the hosting server?
If so can you see your index page?

  Djohn 15:41 10 Jul 2006

Just had a look at 'my folders' view of my site hargranules. Does your 'little house Icon'look as follows.

Name: index.htm

Title: your home page name?

If not then from folders view right click on the index page Icon, [little house] and choose 'rename' change it to index.htm then open the page and change the title to whatever your homepage is named.

  hargranules 16:09 10 Jul 2006

Homepage is named index.htm

I can see all my pages on local web site and on remote web site once they have been uploaded. Both have 6 htm files which are my pages plus a couple of extra files, images etc.

It says on the heart website and it says this:

This error will also be displayed if the directory access settings for your site's root directory are set with access criteria which you do not meet. Usually these settings are contained in a file called ".htaccess". This file is sometimes generated manually, but can also be configured by some web development tools, such as MS Front Page.

If you are using Front Page, then you should alter the web permissions using this program, and republish your site. In most other cases, manually removing the .htaccess file usually solves the problem.

Don't know how to do this????

  ade.h 16:44 10 Jul 2006

If FP doesn't offer this ability, you really should use a 3rd-party FTP app (such as Smart FTP or Cute FTP) to examine your server structure and the files contained within.

  hargranules 16:45 10 Jul 2006

I don't mind downloading cute ftp and I have used this years ago but how can i then see the server's structure.

  hargranules 16:46 10 Jul 2006

i already have ace ftp would that be any good????

  ade.h 16:54 10 Jul 2006

I use Smart FTP, so I can only give instructions based on that. It displays all the folders and files at all levels of a domain in the form of a folder tree, right from the top level, and you can delete, edit, move or otherwsie mess about with the files and folders to your heart's content.

  Djohn 17:28 10 Jul 2006

Hello ade.h ;o)

The thing is hargranules you've already had your site working on your server by publihing it from FrontPage, so it should still work.

Have you altered the index page and saved it before uploading from FrontPage itself?

  Djohn 17:38 10 Jul 2006

When you open the website in FrontPage hargranules, look to the bottom of the page and you'll see several different options for viewing your site.

Check the 'Remote' view and make sure there are no blue arrows showing on the left window. If there are then click on each file and upload it to your remote site [Right window]again. then check the 'Reports' view from the bottom of the web page, if there are any broken or missing links it will show up here, just select them all and click on the 'verify' Icon top right of page. This will check and fix any errors for you.

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