Error 403 Forbidden You were denied access

  Awestruck 19:05 23 Jan 2008

A friend has recently gone broadband with Tiscali. When he goes on-line he does indeed access the internet but he cannot load any web pages. He can use the connection to download updates in cases where pages are not displayed (such as updating Windows, AVG, and anti-spy ware). He is not on a home network. On accessing the Internet, it goes on line with Tiscali broadband at 100Bps, the on-line icon pops into the Notification area but he is confronted with a page saying:-
403 Forbidden You were denied access because: Access denied by access control list.
I have checked all his settings and they are correct. Tiscali has done the same. Tiscali at first said that there was a problem with its network but Tiscali seems to have forgotten this in our latest communications. He doe not have separate user accounts in XP. He does not go through a proxy and all security settings are set at medium strength
I tried unsuccessfully accessing pages with the XP firewall off, and also very briefly with the AVG anti-virus turned off.
Tiscali have promised to query BT to see if BT is blocking all pages. (Tiscali broadband uses the BT exchange as it is not unbundled in this area. Line rental is paid to Tiscali though).

I switched him back to a dial-up connection temporarily and could then access any pages. This seems to indicate that Internet Explorer is not the culprit. The Tiscali modem is a 4 port Ethernet router/modem, we wondered if a firewall in this router is causing the problem, however, there is no way of investigating this as far as we can see.

We would be most grateful for any clues as to why this is happening, Tiscali seem to be as baffled as we are.


  Technotiger 19:11 23 Jan 2008
  Technotiger 19:12 23 Jan 2008

Or check out whichever of these might apply in your particular case ... click here

  Awestruck 12:30 26 Jan 2008

Thank you Technotiger. The links helped me track down the problem which was that some debris from an old freeserve ISP connection was lurking in the settings i.e a proxy was set up. I deleted the proxy sttings then he was able to download pages.

He now has another problem, when he accesses Favourites he gets the pop-up message 'Windows cannot find '(nul)'. He is using IE 7 on an XP computer.

Best wishes


  Awestruck 12:44 26 Jan 2008

Here is a little more information to add to the previous report. When he initially clicks the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop the Tiscali home page comes up straight away with no problems.
When he tries to access another page, either through Favorites or by directly through the address bar, He gets the '(nul)' message box. He clicks OK and then the page he requires appears. However, this is a new Internet Explorer page and the Tiscali page stays running. At the same time a blank Internet Explorer page opens with no entry in the address bar. He then has 3 Internet Explorer pages running at the same time!
This happens every time he tries to access another page so very soon he has a lot of Internet Explorer pages running at the same time if he does not manually close any down!
Is the '(nul)' message associated with the blank page that opens every time? Is it possible to do a repair on IE7 as you could on IE 6?

Best wishes


  Technotiger 13:21 26 Jan 2008

Run ccleaner (in its default settings) click here with luck, this may be all that is needed.

  Technotiger 13:23 26 Jan 2008

Or/in addition ... click here

  Awestruck 12:45 24 Feb 2008

Thanks for all your suggestions. I finallycracked it. He had IE7 on his machine, then he used the Tiscali broadband CD to load his broadband setting. This loaded another copy of IE7. One of these copies produce the Access Forbidden message the other worked properly. I put the shortcut icon for the correctIE7 on the dektop and moved the other to the recyle bin All is now well.
I hope otherscan benefit form this


  Technotiger 13:06 24 Feb 2008

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

  Technotiger 13:08 24 Feb 2008

PS - don't forget the Green tick - Resolved. Cheers.

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