error 1635 can't load any office applications

  anniecat 20:29 15 Apr 2006

Can anyone help please.
I used a junk remover programme and uninstalled it along with 2 other computer boosting programmes, I now cannot load any office application or Word. The Windows Installer loads a pop up stating "preparing for installation" it hangs and can often refresh itself several times, over a couple of minutes before either completing a task successfully or giving an "error" message. This pop up is appearing for many different applications including Outlook Express, here it takes ages just to load a new message window and spell checker always comes up with an "error". Another message which appears when trying to load Word states.. " Microsoft word has not been installed for the current user. Please run set up to install the application."
I've searched the microsoft knowledge database cannot find my specific problems.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows installer and XP service pack 2 with little effect. An error cure programme I installed has cured a couple of problems, like the "new message" window now doesn't get the pop up or hang , but I still can't run spell check..
I believe it to be a registry key problem, the message I get when trying to load word is.."Microsoft Word cannot open the necessary files due to windows installer error 1635. This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer patch package." with the Office applications It doesn't give the error number but gives the info about being unable to open the patch package .
I would greatly appreciate a fix for this very annoying and time consuming problem.
At the moment I can't run the windows installer clean up tool because I have misplaced (lost, can't find) the registration keys for my discs and therefore can't reinstall either office XP Pro or Word

  remind 20:32 15 Apr 2006

Belarc (click here) will reveal the codes you need (if your Word/Office install is still intact) and then you can try the cleanup click here;en-us;290301

  remind 20:33 15 Apr 2006

Working version of latter link click here

  anniecat 21:20 15 Apr 2006

I might need to get back to you .. I already had belarc, but have re-downloaded in case it's a newer version.. Trouble is I don't know how to interpret most of it and can't see registration keys just now. I'm wondering if I might have a problem with the word one because I had word installed seperately and before I got office, it seems now to have been incorporated into office applications. I can't find a 25 digit key which is what it asks for when trying to install word.
I can't see a key for MS Office XP Pro, can you advise where I can find these, either the file or from belarc analysis page.
P.S. it's a long time since I was here at the helproom and the page has changed but I'm finding it isn't posting at the first attempt and it logs me off after attempting to post if it doesn't post the new discusion or reply... Is this a usual problem ?

  VoG II 21:28 15 Apr 2006
  remind 21:59 15 Apr 2006

Not a usual problem; did the programs you used to clean up your system back up any changes made? Restore them if so.
Try system file check - click here

  anniecat 22:26 15 Apr 2006

VoG.. that's a brilliant little find.. thank you. Although it has only produced the key for office, Word key seems to have been gobbled up after office took over.

remind... I did a few scans with 4 different applications 2 of which I have had a while with no probs. I'm not savvy enough to see the differences between these marketed cure all progs and it seems most do similar things. they con you into downloading, fix a couple of problems and then ask for money. I was trying to get my money back from one of them cos they'd massively overcharged me from the listed price, so I found and downloaded a freebie. that one played up and didn't do backup so I really don't what or where the problem is and which programme/s caused it so you see I'm totally lost.
I read on MS knowledge somwhere that this registry corruption is caused because it comes from microsoft into a temp folder so and can get deleted by accident or something.. my heads spinning I've looked at that much stuff .. been at it for about 4 days solid.. Will the scannow thing help do you think ?
thanks very much for your help so far.. you're great. the saga continues for now.. No doubt I'll be back :-)

  remind 22:50 15 Apr 2006

`Scannow` can't hurt at all.
There are a number of programs regularly recommended by esteemed members of this forum to keep your system in good condition, many of the `persistent pop-up` types appear as soon as you get your system up and running and are designed to take your money;
get all the essentials here click here
you want spywareblaster, installed updated and `all protection enabled`, spybot 1.4, same again - and `immunized`, ccleaner installed too. Regseeker is a good tool for clearing your registry and will make backups of changes; click here

  anniecat 23:01 15 Apr 2006

I have spywareblaster, spybot, zone alarm, avg, and registry fix and pc pro scan which I've used for a while with no problems. ccleaner and regseeker are 2 I hadn't heard of but will take you advice and go check your links out.
I won't be able to try the windows installer clean up while tomorrow evening for reasons too long to explain but as soon as I can get it done I'll get back with the results.
thank you all. I hope it works but knowing my luck I'll bog it up and make it

  terryf 00:04 16 Apr 2006

click here;en-us;290301

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