Error 1610 - file transfer corrupt

  Maturin 09:20 10 Jun 2005

I hope someone can help.

The HDD where my games have been resident required reformatting (do not ask!). I am left with the additional storage device mapped to D:\; original partition was E:\.

I can't reinstall Chessmaster 10 despite clearing out al reference to this program and UbiSOft in the registry. I get to the Windows Installer screen after pointing the installation engine to D:\Games, but am thrown out with "Error 1610".

I suspect there is a temporary file/folder somewhere on the C:\ drive (Bootdrive) but do not know where to look. I really do not wish to reinstall Windows. Everything esle is working fine.

The machine (as descibied in previous posts) is HP Pavilion running Win XP SP2. I also have Partition Magic 8.0 (which caused me so much trouble initially!) and Norton Systemworks 2003. Surely these two products (or something else) can help.

Many thanks in anticipation of advice.


PS: The Sims does not install either - is this due to the same error or something else; my kids would be really grateful if we could get the games running again. Simpsons Hit & Run intalled OK as did Halo!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 10 Jun 2005

Q107999 ERRDOC: Initialization Error 1610
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 09:24 10 Jun 2005

Actually, that may not help. Sorry.

  De Marcus 09:25 10 Jun 2005

Are these files being loaded from cd or from the hd?

  Maturin 10:01 10 Jun 2005

Files are being loaded from CD (I: drive). The the drive map for the optical drives has not changed.

Do you have other suggestion(s) to help. I have also deleted all references to E: drive in the registry in addition to the references to the software.

  De Marcus 10:06 10 Jun 2005

Not a lot really, try using CCleaner to cover the parts that you may have missed in the registry and temp files.

The only references I can find to that error message seem to relate to microsoft installer issues or corrupted files

  De Marcus 10:08 10 Jun 2005

You could always try the new windows installer (3.1) to see if it helps, long shot I know click here

  Maturin 10:16 10 Jun 2005

De Marcus

"Corrupted files" is indeed what is thrown at me, especially reference to E: drive. Knowing this, can you suggest any other line of investigation.

I shall try Intaller 3.1, but I think I have that on the system already. Could the windows installer be corrupt, in which case deleting it, then installing a clean version may help. But is this a wise course of action? I do not want to completely b****r the system again.


  De Marcus 10:21 10 Jun 2005

You don't have to delete the old installer, 3.1 upgrades it, I'll look into other possibilities in the meantime.

  Maturin 10:26 10 Jun 2005

Thank you. I shall not be able to try your suggestions until tonight/weekend because the problem machine is at home.

  Maturin 10:26 10 Jun 2005

Thank you. I shall not be able to try your suggestions until tonight/weekend because the problem machine is at home.

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