Error 1335 '' corrupt

  Binzy 09:19 12 Nov 2009

I'm having problems installing Corel Paintshop pro Photo x2 from the CDROM.
Part way through installation I get the message:
Error 1335. The cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CDROM or a problem with this package.
Abort - Retry - Ignore

If I click Retry it goes back to "Error 1335 ....".
If I click Ignore I get:
Error 2350.FD1 server error
Abort - Rtry - Ignore
If I click Retry or Ignore it returns to the Error 2350 ... message.

I'm running the software on a Dell Dimension 4400 with Windows XP

Also, I've just had a new, larger hard disk installed.

Hope someone can help me.

  Graphicool1 09:45 12 Nov 2009
  northumbria61 12:11 12 Nov 2009

Hi Binzy

Use the LINK below - it describes your problem and
I hope a solution for you. Let me know how you get on.

click here

  Binzy 09:49 15 Nov 2009

Thanks for the links, but I'm not very computer literate and didn't feel confident enough to "have a go".
I put PC into shop who struggled as well and eventually reloaded windows and software loaded OK. However, have new problems now with not being able to access Outlook Express and PC not recognising my modem. Am currently searching Helproom for an answer.

  Graphicool1 14:01 15 Nov 2009

We can only try to help you help yourself. In other words we can make suggestions or tell you how we resolved a similar situation. But If, as you say...

"Thanks for the links, but I'm not very computer literate and didn't feel confident enough to have a go"

Then I feel that there is nothing we can say or do to help you. For everything we say will involve you doing it yourself? If you don't feel able or up to this, then I can only suggest you get back in touch with the shop and get them to sort it out for you.

  Binzy 17:23 15 Nov 2009

I have taken and acted upon advice (for which I've been very grateful) from the Helproom several times in the past. But the instructions on resolving this issue were beyond me - there were just too many things that I hadn't come across before and so, as I said, I went back to the shop and they have resolved this issue.
I do appreciate having a source of help on computer problems but there are some things that I just do not feel competent to attempt.

  northumbria61 12:50 16 Nov 2009

First let me say there is always someone willing to help you solve problems - even your local shop. We all had to start somewhere Binzy but as Graphicool1 has said everything that is said or suggested on here will involve you doing it yourself.
Just keep on looking at the helproom and you may even pick up a few simple tips for future reference.
I started with the simple things and I have learned from reading books/magazines - a lot of things I used to do were "trial and error" but I progressed and now have a computer I have built myself with the components inside the case that I want.
Hope everything is back to normal with you PC.
Remember a PC is only a machine, man made - with a man telling it what to do !

  Binzy 15:15 16 Nov 2009

Thanks northumbria61 but reloading windows has caused me so many more problems I'm beginning to wish I'd never bother with Paintshop

Please see my new threads - maybe you can help.

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