Error 02B2: Incorrect Drive A type - run SETUP

  Martyn23 09:48 20 Dec 2004

This morning i have been presented with this message at startup. When I choose to ignore the system seems to start up ok. I'm not sure what it means can you help?

The disc drive is hardly ever used on my 6yr old machine and is very dusty on the inside, as a consequence (i presume) the normal clanking sound at startup has not sounded right for some time. Does this have anything to do with the problem?

Once I have started i can read and write to a disc although it is a little hit and miss.
A restart gives the same message, all was OK last night on this machine which runs nearly all day, every day.
PII 400 with Win 98.


  Graham ® 10:04 20 Dec 2004

Remove the drive in Device Manager and re-start. Windows will see the drive and re-install it.

  Martyn23 10:36 20 Dec 2004


Are you sure this will work? I don't want to do something that is completely irreversible.


  Martyn23 10:39 20 Dec 2004


Under device manager I can see Disk drives, under which one of the entries is

Generic NEC Floppy Disk

is this the one?

Thanks again

  Gongoozler 10:53 20 Dec 2004

Martyn, yes that is the drive Graham ® is referring to. If that doesn't work, then when the computer next boots, at the screen prompt - before Windows loads - press the Delete key to get into the BIOS screen. The first menu option is usually called MAIN MENU or something like that. On this screen you should see your floppy drive referred to as "1.44M 3 1/2 in" or something similar. If neither the BIOS nor Device Manager helps, then open the case and check the ribbon cable to the floppy drive is connected securely at both ends. If none of these helps you may well need to fit a new floppy drive. Fortunately this is a very easy job and a new drive costs between about £5 and £10 depending on where you buy it.

  Martyn23 11:53 20 Dec 2004

Tried removing the device and then re-starting, still the same so I tried again and again no change still the same message.

However just restarted again after about five minutes and no error!!!! The disc drive appeared to be quieter than it has been recently so I wondered if the mechanical motion it goes through at start up has some sort of error check built in, is this possible?

I have checked in the BIOS and the following settings are:
Controller (Enabled)
Diskette A (1.44/1.25MB 31/2")
Diskette write Protect (Disabled)

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help and merry christmas

  Gongoozler 12:07 20 Dec 2004

Hi Martyn23. If the drive is now quieter than in the past, this suggests to me that there is something not quite right mechanically. A new drive is so cheap that when you next get an oppportunity it is probably worth fetting a replacement. Fitting a new drive is a simple matter of unscrewing the old one, removing the connectors, then refitting the new one. No drivers and no setup needed. This is the sort of cost involved click here

  Martyn23 12:34 20 Dec 2004

Thanks Gongoozler I think youy may be right thanks for the info. The drivebay seems to be an integral part of the facia on my Dell machine can I strip the advertised ones down to fit in the same way as my existing?


  Gongoozler 13:12 20 Dec 2004

Hi Martyn23. You can usually unclip the front panel from the drive. It should then fit your Dell.

  Martyn23 15:13 20 Dec 2004


Thanks again, I have worked out how to remove the existing drive, just need to get the new one (in the new year now I think).

Thanks again for your response which I found most re-assuring.


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