ERROR 0271: Check time and date settings

  Currantbun 16:18 21 Mar 2007

Hey guys - i don't know what i've done but when i boot up my laptop there is a loud 'peep' noise and on the black screen is a list of things like 'RAM Passed' and 'Mouse Initialized', however it then says 0271: Check time and date settings. What have i done and how do i fix it?

  Joe R 16:23 21 Mar 2007


double click on the clock in the system tray, and then sort out your time and date settings.

  keef66 16:27 21 Mar 2007

Are you saying it then doesn't get as far as loading windows? (hence no system tray or clock)

Sounds like you need to go into the bios and correct time and date settings there.

You usually enter bios (=Setup) by tapping Del or F1 repeatedly as the thing starts.

  Currantbun 16:30 21 Mar 2007

I tried that but the very next time i booted up the problem returned and the time was at 00:00. When i go to internet time it says 'An error occurred getting the status of the last synchronization. The RPC server is unavailable.' Any ideas????

  Currantbun 16:31 21 Mar 2007

Yeah it doesn't even get as far as windows....

  provider 2 16:34 21 Mar 2007

Something here might help: click here

  keef66 16:50 21 Mar 2007

How old is the laptop? Sounds like the cmos battery could've died and that's why it's losing it's time & date settings. The batteries are cheap, but how you replace one on a laptop I do not know.

  Currantbun 17:04 21 Mar 2007

laptop is only 4 months old. Haven't a clue what a cmos battery is though. Don't know if it's just me but i couldn't find anything about it on there provider2...

  liveupstairs 20:03 21 Mar 2007

Sounds as though your best bet might be to take/send it back to retailer as it is only 4 months old and ask them to ivestigate/repair it.

  keef66 20:05 21 Mar 2007

Yep, don't mess with it. Get them to fix it under warranty.
If it's only 4 months old it's unlikely to be a duff cmos battery anyway

  Currantbun 18:07 23 Mar 2007

Thanks to everyone who helped. The problem actually sorted itself out somehow. I kept trying to sync the time with the internet and eventually it let me. Weird!

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