Erroneous "disk is full" message.

  Phrixos 18:17 11 Dec 2006

Hi, everyone.

In Windows XP Pro, I am getting a "disk is full" error messsage when I try to save (an albeit, rather large) .psd file

The troule is, the disk is only about 1/5 full, with about 25 Gigs to spare. I've tried defragging, cleaning, scrubbing the registry--everything, but the disk still will not take this file.

I've even cleaned (much) more off the disk than the file size itself, to no avail.



  Technotiger 18:24 11 Dec 2006

Hi, just a bit of guess-work ... assuming your psd file is a photoshop pic? could you perhaps save it in jpg format?

  I am Spartacus 18:48 11 Dec 2006

What size is the file?

  Phrixos 08:55 12 Dec 2006

66MB--and yes, I can save it in .jpg--but I MUST save it in .psd. (I've got 33GIGAbytes free)


  Technotiger 09:15 12 Dec 2006

This might sound a silly question - but, how much RAM have you got? When saving a large psd, ram also becomes important - the more the better.

  Phrixos 10:08 12 Dec 2006

2GB Everything, in short, in my system--should--be capable of handling this chore without as much as a blink.


  Diemmess 10:22 12 Dec 2006

There is a potential error in Word if too many edits are made without a save.

PSD files (I believe) retain all the information of previous edits to be able to go back later.

A wild thought... can you COPY the existing file to your HD (so saving it). Next close Photoshop without saving the present file.
Then open Photoshop again and use the copied file?

  Technotiger 10:23 12 Dec 2006

Yes, absolutely, hmmm, I am stymied now! Only other thing I can think of is - is it possible for you to save to CD? If that is possible you could then do further checks on your software's installation.

Just clutching at straws I'm afraid.

  Diemmess 10:28 12 Dec 2006

Ref: the previous post.
Perhaps Save_As rather than copy.

  Phrixos 14:01 12 Dec 2006

Ah! Sometimes I wonder about myelf. I gave all the critical info except the thing that seems to have mattered. I'm not using Photoshop. I'm using Picture Publisher (10). Evidently it doesn't like saving large files in .psd--although I've never had this problem with it before, but then again, I've never tried saving a 66MB file in .psd with it, before.

Curiously it has only ever given me problems with this one file--which. by the way and again, it saved ok on my backup disk--but for some weird reason kept telling me my principle data disk was full.

Anyway, I took the hint, Diemmess, and opened it with Elements (I have that, just in case) then saved it--no problem. Will do that if the problem ever reappears.

(Why, some of you may ask, do I not use Elements all the time? Sorry to all you Adobe fans, but, even as old as it is, I'm a long-time fan of Picture Publisher. Tried Adobe--and tried it, and tried it--and hated it!)

Thanks for all the help.

  Technotiger 14:06 12 Dec 2006

Grrreat, all's well that ends well!

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