erratic mouse pointer.

  maa970f 13:19 24 Mar 2007

Hello all,

I have an odd problem in that if I leave my P.C. on for some time, the mouse pointer is very erratic and difficult to control. It jumps about as I try and control it. Nothing happens initially when I move the ball then the pointer jumps way past where I intended. The other thing that happens is that the clock loses a lot of time. I'm guessing that there is something running that is disrupting the general visible operations that I am trying to run.


  eedcam 13:38 24 Mar 2007

If you haven't already Tip the ball out and remove the fluff thats probably causing it.Dont know about the clock there is an internal battery for that I think

  maa970f 14:03 24 Mar 2007

Hello Eedcam,

thanks for the response. Perhaps I didn't make it very clear, it is only after a few hours this happens. If I re-boot then all is back to normal. My mouse is a roller ball and doesn't seem to need the same de-dusting as conventional types.


  provider 2 16:20 24 Mar 2007

I thought a roller ball was a conventional type, in which case it will need more than just dusting. I have to use tweezers to remove the fibers wrapped round the little rollers.

  maa970f 17:49 24 Mar 2007

Hello Provider2,

perhaps my terminology is wrong, my mouse is the type where you control the ball with your thumb, i.e. the mouse is not moved to turn the ball as the ball is uppermost rather than being in the base.

However the point is by rebooting, the mouse pointer operation returns to normal thus excluding a malfunctioning or dirty ball/rollers etc.


  eedcam 17:57 24 Mar 2007

Point taken Alec but mines is on top and I also have to use the tweezers does sound as if you have other problems though. Could you try another mouse see if it happens with that dont overlook the fact that a fine hair could easily wrap and unwrap giving the illusion its something else

  WhiteTruckMan 22:17 24 Mar 2007

is sometimes referred to as a track(er) ball. They still need cleaning out from time to time, but not usually as often as ordinary mice. Difficult to say how, but look for some kind of locking ring on the top housing that you might be able to twist to lift the ball out as cleaning it out is a good idea anyhow.

But you are right from the symtoms that it doesnt sound like the mouse. does it do this if you leave it alone for a while then come back to it, or does it start getting jerky while the machine is in use? If the former then try going into power options in control panel and set everything to always on and see if that does anything. and while you are there disable the hibernate as well.


  postie24 22:22 24 Mar 2007

The clock problem is probably due to the cmos battery which needs changing located on the motherboard

  woodchip 22:26 24 Mar 2007

Clock should not loose time at all when in Windows as it works by OS and mains. it is not dependant on the CMOS battery. Only when the Computer is turned OFF so it sounds like it may be a Windows problem

  postie24 22:50 24 Mar 2007

maa970f,,has the clock lost time,each time you turn the comp on?

  maa970f 09:40 25 Mar 2007

Hello WTM/Postie,

yes the symptoms will occur gradually if I use the P.C. for a long time and get worse the longer it is on. My power settings are as you suggest already.
I know that there is something wrong with Windows as from time to time I need to revert to Scanreg to load an earlier set up if I can't get Windows to boot up. This has been a long term 'glitch' (Windows 98SE by the way) but the pointer problem is new.

It is aggravating rather than serious as I can re-boot to get back to normal. I am just interested in finding the reason why.


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