bela lugosi 00:52 22 Oct 2007

I have---Windows XP
Netgear WG R614 Wireless Router
Toshiba PCX 2500 Cable Modem
RCN Cable Modem Service (U.S.)

All light indicators on everything indicate proper connection...Internet service provider (RCN) checks and finds nothing wrong...does not seem to be desktop as laptop in other area of house has same connection problems so...I AM LOST!!! PLEASE HELP!!

  bela lugosi 01:00 22 Oct 2007

Problem specifically is as such...

Sometimes I can get on line, sometimes not.
Completely sporadic and unpredictable--one minute I am ripping through pages and sites and literally the next attempt to navigate away is met with standard Windows error page "CANNOT CONNECT" etc...No page will work..NONE.
This stoppage could last 10 seconds or 10 minutes and anywhere in between.
I have NEVER seen this before and I have been at this a long time.


  brundle 01:19 22 Oct 2007

Tried resetting the router? Removing the router and plugging directly into the cable modem? Rule out the computers if you are experiencing the same on two machines. Does your PC show the `limited or no connectivity` icon in the system tray when the connection fails (small computer screen with animated yellow arrows)? If not suspect the modem.

  Halmer 06:37 22 Oct 2007

I had the same or similar problem and cured it by entering the TCP/IP settings manually rather than automatically finding the IP address.

Start/All Programs/Connect to/Wireless Connection

Under the Support Tab click on Details and make a note of these numbers carefully and what they refer to. You don't need the Physical Address at the top or the WNS Server at the bottom.

Go back to the General Tab to the left of Support and press Properties. Double click on Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) and enter the numbers above by manaully configuring the two options.i.e. change them both to 'Use the following........'

If this doesn't make sense post back.It's a lot easier than I have probably made it out to be. You can always simply change the settings back if it doesn't work but I think it will as you wont have to search for the IP details each time.

The bottom two DNS Server details

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