Errant Mouse - Virus?

  Rabi 11:20 16 Mar 2005

Errant mouse - Virus??

I have a new Logitech corded mouse connected to my desktop PC. Mouse pointer is eratic. As I use it, it suddenly snaps to one of the corners of the screen. Very irritating to use, and this behaviour is constant. It's almost like the mose has its own life. I suspect a virus? But, I have used SpyBot, AdAware, AVG Antivirus, and I can find nothing. Any ideas??? Oh, BTW, the mouse works okay on 2 other laptops I have used, no problems; works smoothly, under control, no erratic jumping off to any corner of my desktop.

  FelixTCat 11:29 16 Mar 2005

I have found that bright light, especially direct sunlight, can disrupt some mice (at this time of year :o) ). Even some shading helped.

  Rabi 11:42 16 Mar 2005

Ok, had a laugh :)
Can anyone else help bring this mouse back under control, short of formatting my hard disk??

  Chegs ® 11:43 16 Mar 2005

I have had several mice that develop a mind of their own,I had one that was forever disappearing behind any open windows,another that used to close any open windows every time it was clicked and my latest mouse(rechargable/optical)when the batteries run down,it crawls across the screen to a corner and needs a runway to get it to move. :-)

I reinstalled the PS/2 port driver in "Device Manager" by deleting it and then rebooting to get the "Found new hardware" wizard to replace its driver.This temporarily cured the hide&seek mouse,but the close every windows mouse finally got consigned to the tip as it didn't make any difference what I did.I have also found that InCD/NVidia GC driver was occasionally corrupting the mouse,d/l'ed another version of InCD and another NVidia driver and they ceased affecting the mouse.

  FelixTCat 12:05 16 Mar 2005

I was actually serious. Light shining through the plastic shell of a mouse can upset the optical detectors (probably only of ball mice).

  flimbo 12:28 16 Mar 2005

I had this kind of problem with my optical mouse. I'd been using it with no mousemat on a wood grain surface and think that upset the sensor. Now I use a piece of white card as a mat and everything seems ok! HTH

  Stuartli 12:46 16 Mar 2005

>> Ok, had a laugh :)>>

You have been given a possible reason for the mouse behaviour, yet treat it with a contemptuous response.

Remember the old saying that "Truth is often stranger than fiction."

I'm surprised anyone else has bothered to post.

  Graham ® 13:22 16 Mar 2005

As Stuartli, don't upset those offering help.

Do a search on the PC for 'Crazy Mouse'. It's a joke program someone may have inflicted on you.

  Rabi 15:38 16 Mar 2005

My apologies, I am indeed sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my intention to do so! I really thought FelixTCat had posted a little light-humour.
I would NEVER treat any idea or sugestion with contempt,and ironically I operate an open-door policy concerning ideas for our missionary work in the field; I simply assumed the post was a little light-hearted humour... I know better now.

Having said that, though I am in Africa with a lot of sunshine, the PC is actually being used indoors, in a curtained room with air conditioing and soft lighting, so I guess the bright sunlight theory would not apply in this instance.

May I ask "Graham" how to search for "Crazy Mouse" on the PC?

Thank you, and please accept my (genuine) apologies again.

  Stuartli 15:46 16 Mar 2005

Go to Google or Teoma and key in Crazy Mouse into the search box.

Here's one example that came up:

click here

  Graham ® 18:25 16 Mar 2005

Start, Search... 'Crazy Mouse'.

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