Eratic Auto-play in Win98Se using new LG DVD Drive

  Giggle n' Bits 10:17 04 Mar 2003

This problem has bewn going on for a week or more now. When starting pc from cold boot and placing a legit Audio CD in DVD Drive the Auto play for CDROM/DVD drive (On secondary master) will not kick in.

If I eject the CD and push tray back in it then auto plays CD. I have also a CD-Wrtr same make on slave which is also eratic. At the moment I have disconnected the CD-Wtr just 1 HDD on primary and DVD drive on Secondary.

This is a 3rd motherboard as I thought it was a faulty its now a Via KT400 Chipset before a KT333 with identical problem.

The machine is a new build with a new OEM O/s 98Se.

Could the Windows CD be the fault, a Creative Blaster4 64MB DDR AGP x2/x4 agp card, Memory form crucial & AMD Athlon xp2200 1.8GB 266FSB.

Via Drivers are installed.

Someone out there must have found this problem before. Its not the same as the Auto play missing in registry at Microsoft KB. Well I did try to edit the registry before last format and the Auto play key was intact so I didn't proceed.

Think PCA Tech men may be interested in this for an article ?. There is no signs in windows of corrupt files, Device manager ok, very odd problem.

  MAJ 10:24 04 Mar 2003

First thing I would try would be a new IDE ribbon cable on the Secondary channel. Try connecting one of the problematic drives as slave on the Primary channel along with the HDD, see does it still happen.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:41 04 Mar 2003

Should it be a IDE 40pin ribbon ? Which is what is on now.

  MAJ 10:47 04 Mar 2003

Either one will do, DiamandX, but for future upgrade-ability, if you have to buy one, go for the 80 strand.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:46 04 Mar 2003

Also tried diffrent Channels EIDE 1/2 slave/master.

Problem is always after 1st switch/boot after a few mins power off.

Jumpers all ok, cables ok, Is there a VIA KT333 or KT400 conflict with hardware item x, like a AGP card, Possible dodgy HDD even though its a new Deskstar 80GB ATA100 on a ATA133 board using the correct ribbon and the HDD has that 2MB Cache buffer.

Really ripping my hair out. Can PC Advisor Magazine inspect my computer ? I Wish, even MS are unable to help after 2 hours of call.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:18 04 Mar 2003

and reinstalled Win98Se after full format from CD Rom.

Ripping my hair out, please help.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:19 04 Mar 2003

and reinstalled Win98Se after full format from CD Rom.

Ripping my hair out, please help.

  misery 20:27 04 Mar 2003

an LG DVD drive as slave to my Cd-rw on an 80 wire connected to the second IEDE, and don't have your problem. The cd-rw is only a cheap (less expensive) Lite-on. Do you need a driver for the DVD, I can't recall if 98Se was able to differentiate between cd & DVD. Sorry can't be more helpful

  Giggle n' Bits 20:33 04 Mar 2003

Is there another driver I should be using ?

I have tried with Power Dvd software but even with clean install CDROM is poor auto play.

  cream. 21:33 04 Mar 2003


What model is the DVD, as they are a few firmware updates.

You are quite right in that the microsoft generic drivers should make it act as a normal cdrom, you wish. I think a firmware upgrade will only affect the DVD side of things?

  cream. 21:49 04 Mar 2003


Radical approach time?

We know that windows files are ok as you have done a sfc.

We know that it is not the ide channel or cable as you have tried it on ide as slave.

We think that bios settings must be ok as we have gone all the way back to default settings.

You have checked jumpers + pins + connectors on the dvd drive.

You have had the dvd drive in a different machine and it works fine?

The drive is recognized in the bios and in windows.

Now try this for a start. Enter the bios and seek out where the DVD drive is now located, is it back as secondary master? Now change the setting for this in standard cmos to none. Save settings and exit.

Now boot to windows and try.

By the way, auto insert notification is enabled in device manager \ settings for the DVD drive?

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