Erasing a DVD-R on Panasonic dvd recorder

  jagx400 11:25 03 Feb 2005

Not really PC related, but puzzling me, I recentley purchase a Panasonic DVD ram recorder (under telly). No hard drive fitted. It does all the fancy tricks with a dvd ram disc, but the one that is puzzling me is when I put in a blank dvd- R (yes R not RW) I can record on the disc and then erase it, if I finalise it I cannot erase it, but unfinalised I can use it like a RW, how does it do this.

  Newuser4165 11:57 03 Feb 2005

As soon as you write anything on a DVD-R that space cannot be used for anything else - even if you delete it.You can however continue to add data to the disk in stages until the disk is full.

As soon as you finalise or close the disk any remaining unused space on the disk becomes unavailable for writing and the delete command no longer functions. This is normal.

  SEASHANTY 11:58 03 Feb 2005

You can erase the programme you have recorded on DVD-R but it is still written on the disc. It just will not show. If its only a short programme the disc will still show as empty but if its an hour or so you will note that the remaining time has been reduced from full disc capacity.

  SEASHANTY 12:08 03 Feb 2005

To clarify my last post a little. I normally use the LP speed on my Panasonic for recording which gives 4 hours per DVD-R disc. When I start with a new disc to record a programme and say, after 15 mins or so, I decide that the programme is rubbish and I do not wish to record it further. I can stop recording and delete the 15 mins of this programme so far used. This will be deleted and removed from disc info but the burn will still remain on the disc. It cannot be removed. The disc will still show 4 hours recording time left. It appears to compensate for the short time used by altering the bit-rate of burning future recording at a slightly lower level.

  SEASHANTY 12:18 03 Feb 2005

With the excellent support Panasonic gives for DVD-RAM discs which you can record to and erase over and over again (up to 100,000 times per disc)
without reformatting the disc you DO NOT need a hard disk drive. The convenience of RAM discs give
you the same options as a HDD. This is the best thing about these recorders. Other makers supporting DVD-RAM home recorders are JVC, Toshiba,
Hitachi and Samsung.

  FelixTCat 13:04 03 Feb 2005

DVD-RAM disks are becoming pretty cheap now. They can be reused practically indefinitely. For about £50 you can get a DVD writer that will read/write DVD-RAM as well as double-layer DVD+R, 16xDVD+R, 8xDVD-R and DVD±RW so that you can store/manipulate your recordings on your pc.

  jagx400 15:17 03 Feb 2005

I filled a disc (dvd-r) and I will see how much time it leaves me on a disc, I dont need to use DVD-r as I have plenty of DVD RAM discs, it is just another string in the bow of this superb piece of kit

  jagx400 19:49 03 Feb 2005

Just deleted most of the stuff on a dvd -r and your right cannot record over it again, thanks for enlightening me.

  SEASHANTY 20:49 03 Feb 2005

Blankdiscshop seems to be the cheapest at the moment for DVD-RAM discs. Two different makes @ £14-99 for a spindle of ten discs (non-caddy type).

  GRFT 08:44 16 Apr 2005


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