erase recycle bin

  thamesside 18:57 30 Aug 2009

Getting rid of an old computer. I am erasing contents of folders with East-tec Eraser. I want to totally erase the contents of the recycle bin (so that they cannot be recovered by eg paretologic data recovery) so I need to find the file that contains the bin. Where is it? Anybody know/

  GaT7 19:12 30 Aug 2009

If you use these kinds of programs (including the original Eraser click here), it will completely & permanently wipe the ENTIRE hard drive including the operating system, Recycle Bin, etc. I think it's usually best to wipe the entire hard drive, rather than individual files & folders. G

  thamesside 19:16 30 Aug 2009

Well, I suppose so, but i would quite like to pass it on with the operating system in place.

  spruce 19:17 30 Aug 2009

wipe the hard drive and then reinstall the operating system.

  GaT7 19:29 30 Aug 2009

"but i would quite like to pass it on with the operating system in place." - But Recycle Bin is part of the OS!

I agree with spruce. But before you attempt it, see if you have all the necessary ingredients to hand: an OS install disk, valid genuine product key & all the hardware drivers. G

  DieSse 21:40 30 Aug 2009

One place that data files cannot be recovered from, is underneath newly written data.

So delete all the files you need to delete, clean the empty areas with an Eraser - then defragment the drive.

If you still feel unsure - before you defrag, reduce the size of the recycle bin to zero - defrag - then put it back to normal (10%).

  thamesside 21:59 30 Aug 2009

Thanks for all that. After running east-tec eraser I ran paretologic and it certainly found the names of many of the "deleted" files. It said they "may" be recoverable but I had to pay money for the full system to find out! I guess I had better clear off the discs completely as suggested and give the OS disc to the next user to install. Not that I have any very startling stuff to remove but it's nice to preserve ones privacy.

  thamesside 08:06 31 Aug 2009

Downloaded Eraser but can't work out how to make it erase an entire drive.

  DieSse 09:30 31 Aug 2009

What make is the drive? Most manufacturers sites have a "write to zeroes" utility, which literally overwrites all the drive, and returns it to an "as new from the factory" state.

  thamesside 11:40 31 Aug 2009

Maybe I am worrying too much here. But what I don't understand is how it is possible to use a orogram to erase disc c when the program resides on disc c and needs the operating system to work?

  DieSse 12:14 31 Aug 2009

You can't. That's probably why you "Downloaded Eraser but can't work out how to make it erase an entire drive."

You need to use an independant program that'll run from a CD or floppy disk.

Killdisk is another possibility click here

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