Erase DVD-RW

  Graham ® 21:05 19 Apr 2005

Having copied a film onto a DVD-RW on my new Pioneer DVD writer as an experiment, I now find I can't erase it. I've tried in the recorder and on the PC.

Nero says it is not a re-writable disc, and can't erase it.

The recorder just starts playing the film. Is it now another coaster?

  stalion 21:55 19 Apr 2005

hope this helps it says here also just write over it without erasing
click here

  Graham ® 21:59 19 Apr 2005

Thanks, you googled the same page as me!

  stalion 22:01 19 Apr 2005

no Graham ® I used yahoo lol

  stalion 22:09 19 Apr 2005

have you resolved it?

  Chegs ® 22:33 19 Apr 2005


  Graham ® 22:34 19 Apr 2005

Sorry, no. Nero says it's not RW, and I can't record to it.

  stalion 22:36 19 Apr 2005

dodgy disc?

  Graham ® 22:40 19 Apr 2005

Fresh TDK out of the packet. I plays OK.

  Graham ® 22:41 19 Apr 2005

IT plays OK :-)

  stalion 22:44 19 Apr 2005

just a thought have you got the latest patches for nero?

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