Erase drive

  frybluff 21:51 25 Feb 2012

Is it possible to fully erase data from an external hard disc drive? I suspect it may be carrying a "corruption", and rather lose data, than risk "spreading" it.

  john bunyan 23:02 25 Feb 2012

You could format the drive. Alternatively use free CCleaner:Tools/ Drive Wiper. Choose 7 passe. It takes a long time so formatting may be easier.

  frybluff 12:06 26 Feb 2012

My problem is that I have just used this new drive, to tranfer data from my old laptop, to my new one, with "Windows Easy Transfer",Which, it would appear, has either brought over a "corruption", or something which was not compatible with my new "system".

Forgive me for being niaive, but not done this before. I tend to think I may have to restore my new laptop to "factory settings", and then re-transfer my data, this time being a bit more selective about what gets transfered.

I take it, if I plug the ExtHD into my old laptop, I will be given the option to re-format. It take it I can then transfer discrete "packets" of data (music, photos etc.) to the ExtHD, in the same way as I would to an MP3, or have I got it totally wrong?

Many thanks, and apologies for being a pain.

  lotvic 12:58 26 Feb 2012

it would appear, has either brought over a "corruption", or something which was not compatible with my new "system".

Or maybe it is just a few files that are corrupted anyway (it happens)

If you give more indepth details of the problems you have that make you think there is some corruption we can give you more relevant advice. No use in transferring problems to your new laptop and then formatting the ext HDD to make it clean and then transferring back to it files that may have a problem. You will be back to square one :)

  frybluff 13:58 26 Feb 2012

When I transfered files (using Windows Easy Transfer), I got a report on what had been transfered. I got a huge list of items, including dozens of things I'd never heard of, and a long list of Norton 360 Back-ups (I have McAfee, pre-installed on new lappy), plus numerous invalids and not founds, many of which refered to something called Microsoft Visual C++, followed by different version dates, going back to 2005.

I have "Tune-up/one click maint", which then warned of about 200 registry errors, and heavily fragmented disk, which I allowed Tune-up to repair, perhaps I shouldn't have.

The next day, I got an "update" notification, which I ran, but got error messages, again refering to "missing" Microsoft Visual C++. When I re-booted, I didn't get the usual "configuring..".

Since then, I have been getting all sorts of strange things, like "specified path does not exist", desktop icons disappearing for several minutes, programs VERY slow to open.

My thought about "resetting" my ExtHD was to just take the items I actually WANT to transfer (music, photos), in case I have to "restore to factory settings", rather than risk creating the same problem again, by doing a total transfer.

You can tell this is the first time I've had to do this!!

  finerty 09:48 27 Feb 2012

there are some free programs if you google it and there is Acronis c amazon dot .com

  lotvic 11:03 27 Feb 2012

"I may have to restore my new laptop to "factory settings", and then re-transfer my data, this time being a bit more selective about what gets transfered.....transfer discrete "packets" of data (music, photos etc.) to the ExtHD"

Sounds good to me. At the moment you seem to have transferred a lot of stuff that is not relevant to your new laptop.

Hmmm... This is what I would do instead of trying to sort out the mess you are now in. Presuming all files are still intact on old laptop? I would start again from scratch.

Wipe the Ext Hdd (format). Don't use "Windows Easy Transfer" Just do a straight copy and paste (or drag and drop) of personal document files from the old lappy to the Ext HDD

Make sure you have got a note of all your email settings on old laptop if you need them. Also emails, are you wanting to transfer them to the new laptop? if so then tell us what email clients are involved (note that you have to have 'show hidden files and folders' ticked to be able to 'see' where the emails are in Windows Explorer so that you can copy them (= make backup copy and put on ext hdd so you can import them from there to your email client on new laptop)

Tell us which Op Sys is on old laptop and which Op Sys is on new laptop.

  frybluff 11:48 27 Feb 2012

Thanks for help. I HOPE that the problem has been resolved (fingers crossed).

I phoned Dell this am, as I could not get ANYTHING to work. They did a "remote access" and found that they had set my laptop up with TWO anti-viruses (McAfee AND AVG). I hasten to add, that wasn't ME, that's the way it came!!!

They deleted AVG, and did a bit of housekeeping, which they "reckon" will resolve all my issues!!

It SEEMS to be OK, at the moment. I suppose "time will tell". I will avoid downloading any more "stuff", for a few days, just in case.

Thanks again.

  lotvic 14:57 27 Feb 2012

Ok, seems Dell had it covered :)

  frybluff 21:57 27 Feb 2012

Still had problems, had to restore factory settings. Give them their due, Dell were very helpful in assisting, and I owe them an apology. They didn't instal the AVG, it was "piggy-backed" on Adobe. When reinstalling, I saw they include it in their software, unless you request them not to. How silly is that, but I suppose the moral of the story is "Don't try multi-tasking when setting up a computer".

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