equipment for recording vinyl

  Rtus 21:08 09 Jan 2003
  Rtus 21:08 09 Jan 2003

Ive been searching for turntable (mag cartridge type ) to allow my to cut to CD my collection of oldies..So I can enjoy when in the motor .Ive seen some plasticy ones but dont like the look of them any ideas where to get one cheaply.. thanks for any input/help..

  yonex24562 21:21 09 Jan 2003

Try here click here I have a Kenwood similar to the one at about £80 and have had some excellent results converting to mp3. It has a built in IAAA amplifier so you do not need it to be connected to an amplifier prior to the computer. Hope this is of use to you.

  bruno 21:40 09 Jan 2003

About a year ago I bought a Bush MTT1 from Comet.It was £50 and has it's own built in pre-amp.It does the job ok for me.They still had some in stock the last time I was in,a couple of weeks ago.

  Rtus 22:20 09 Jan 2003

thanks, those are the ones i refered to before. yonex24562 i have a Sony system (similar to the Kenwood ,perhaps rebadged!) but its circuitry wont allow me to use it with the audio card inputs.I cant get the quality I want before recording.Thanks anyway..

  yonex24562 23:01 09 Jan 2003

I have a soundblaster live sound card and can plug my turntable straight into the line input using the right cable and the IAAA amplifier I mentioned earlier that is inbuilt raises the output from the cartridge to the level needed by the sound card. The quality of the sound is also a lot better than the look of the turntable would suggest, as my friends would testify. Does your turntable have the IAAA amplifier or must it be put into the phono input on your HiFi amp. This would be the reason you are unable to use your Sony. If you have your HiFi close to your computer you could always use the leads going to the record connections for the tape deck to connect to the pc and that way you won't need to spend any money.Hope this is of use to you. Cheers

  Rtus 23:37 09 Jan 2003

The Sony Turntable Is not pre amped or powered It has to be connected to the main unit for speed control etc. However I did build a regulated supply and control unit emulating the Sony one and a preamp, I used a circuit (Riaa) using a pair of TBA231ics which ive had in stock from the early seventies Ive been very successful with before.with disappointing results this time ,I then built a Design by John Linsey Hood again not much joy.I used to have a beautiful B&O deck then but the motor went and I couldn't get the unit replaced..The Sony doesnt have any outlets apart from the speakers.Ive used a couple of sound cards different makes inc SB,same sort of results ..Ill be looking around second hand shops when I go to my sons next week see If I can find something there.. Thanks yonex24562

  Rtus 21:00 13 Jan 2003

Search has so far been fruitless , Anyone got one stowed away in the attic.???

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