equation editor in word 2007

  jonnyg111 12:29 29 Oct 2009

I am having trouble getting equations to look right in Word 2007. The new equation editor I can't work out how to use at the moment, so I'm inserting as an object the old equation editor equations from 2003. The trouble I have is that the text on either side of the equation object doesn't behave. It is often too low, and sometimes it comes out at different heights either side of the equation! I would like the text to be half-way up the object at all times on both sides - how do I achieve this?

With thanks,


  BRYNIT 13:44 29 Oct 2009

Unable to advise you but found a tutorial for Equations in Word 2007 that might help you use the 2007 version click here

  jonnyg111 14:01 29 Oct 2009

Thanks, Brynit, that will be useful for the future - clearly the 2007 equation editor is going to be a vast improvement on the old (if you know how to use it!)

However, that doesn't help me on the current document - to convert maybe 200 equations into the new format would take AGES. The thing is, it does sometimes work okay - sometimes, I do get the text half way up the equation, as desired.


  BRYNIT 15:10 29 Oct 2009

If you are talking about the text that Wraps around the object you have placed in Word 2007 this may help
click here

  jonnyg111 16:16 29 Oct 2009

Well, when I right-click and then go Format my object turns into a Word 2007 equation anyway! Still not obvious to me how to get exactly what I want, but there is nothing else for it but to learn the new equation editor. I'll go back to the pages you recommended, BrynIT, and thank you for your time,


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