Epson WF 2630 problem downloading software

  Joanna B 13:47 03 Jan 2015

Hi I purchased the Epson WF2630 and received it today but, for some reason, I am unable to download the software. A message comes up saying InstallNavi has stopped working. The "start here" sheet supplied does say "do not connect a USB cable unless instructed to do so". Unless I connect the USB cable, how can I send my work to print? No message comes up regarding my firewall so really not sure why I cannot download the software from the disc. I even tried downloading it from the Epson website but then received the same message. Help! JoannaB

  Ian in Northampton 15:18 03 Jan 2015

With Epson printers, it's pretty much always the case that you have to install the drivers/software BEFORE you attach the printer. There comes a point during the installation when it tells you to plug the printer in. It could be, if you're trying to install the software with the printer already plugged in, it won't work.

  Joanna B 11:10 04 Jan 2015

Sorry for delay in getting back to you Ian, I usually receive an e-mail when someone posts a response but didn't this time? Not sure where I went wrong as the "start here" sheet does start with 1 - 18 telling me what to press or do on the printer to set it up and then it goes to 2 and it tells me to insert the CD?

So, would it be best for me to go into Programmes and uninstall what has been downloaded, i.e. Epson Scan and Epson Driver (I got from Epson website) and start again? Cheers, Joanna

  Ian in Northampton 11:47 04 Jan 2015

Yes, I would make a fresh start. Uninstall anything you've installed, unplug the printer, then start again, following the on-screen instructions.

Your wording is slightly confusing. You talk about 'downloading' software as if you have downloaded it from the web - and my initial thought was that you were having problems getting the software from the Epson site onto your PC. But then you talk about 'downloading' it from the CD - so I assume what you mean is that you are trying to install the supplied software from the CD that came with the printer, but it's not working properly?

But, like I said: make a fresh start and see how you get one.

NB: email notifications for responses on here are very hit and miss.

  Joanna B 12:32 04 Jan 2015

Thanks Ian, will do as you suggest. Sorry about the confusion, I did try to download from the CD supplied with the printer first but that didn't work at all so then went onto Epson website and downloaded the driver and scan software but, again, found problems in downloading the actual printer software. I will let you know how I get on later today. Thanks for your help Joanna

  Ian in Northampton 13:16 04 Jan 2015

Joanna: good luck.

For your future reference, and to avoid confusion, 'download' only ever means transferring software (or anything else, like a picture) from a web site to your computer. Once it's on your computer, or if you have it on a CD, what you then do is to 'install' it. Thus, download to PC and install the software once it's been downloaded - or install it from the CD. 'Downloading' it from the CD doesn't really make sense...

  Joanna B 16:37 04 Jan 2015

Thanks for the explanation Ian. I removed everything I installed the other day, unplugged the printer and inserted the CD but the same message came saying InstallNavi has stopped working so still not able to install the info from the CD onto my computer. Not to worry, Epson chat will be open tomorrow so hopefully they can sort out why I am unable to install all the software! Thanks again Ian for your help and, if you are interested, I will let you know the outcome once I speak with Epson? Regards Joanna

  spuds 17:01 04 Jan 2015

You should already have following provided guides, including the installation cd. But just in case you haven't, wish to have spares, or anyone else wants the information.

Here is a pdf download of the user manual for the printer click here pdf for setting up the printer. Make note about connecting the cable, and the advice given click here


  Ian in Northampton 17:25 04 Jan 2015

Joanna: yes, we always like to hear the end of the story... :-)

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