Epson waste ink pad?

  SonnyB 11:32 12 Feb 2005

Does anyone know how to replace the waste ink pads on an Epson C44 printer, and wheather this is actually worth doing?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 12 Feb 2005

I hope this helps some of you who are frustrated and ready to throw out your Epson printer

Recently had problems with my Epson C40UX printer, the red and green light began flashing and a window popped up, saying, take it to your services center because some parts have reached the end of their life. Instead I did a bit of reading and I was successful. You see printer companies set a “protection counter” on all printers , it’s an internal counter measuring the amount of ink wasted by head cleaning. I needed to reset the "protection counter" as well as clean the “waste ink pad overflow”. Following is the procedure that I used:

1. Unplug the power and USB cables from the printer. I pried open my C40UX printer, careful not to break anything. I use a flat blade screwdriver to pry it apart; there are two-three tabs at the back and two at the front. Gently push them in, and then using a bit of force pry apart the cover.
2. Next I removed the two (2) waste ink pads. They are located at the back on the left hand side. I used the flat blade screwdriver to lift up the ink pads (they were soaked). Please use rubber gloves as it gets very messy.
3. Next I took the pads to the kitchen skin and washed them with just plain hot water until they were white again. I just let the hot water run on them (the pads are about three inches long).
4. Once washed I dried them using a hair drier. (you could place it the sun for a few hours or on top of your heater or maybe in a heated oven; (make sure you do not set it on fire with too much heat).
5. Once dried I placed the pads back in the ink waste bin at the back of the printer.
6. I closed the printer cover and put back all the pieces and plugged in the USB & power cable and turned it on. (Yes the lights are still flashing).
7. Go to this link and download this software: click here
8. Install the software and run it.
9. Select your printer and model number ( It only says C40 there is no UX, choose it anyway).It will ask if you replaced with new pads; say “YES”. Then close the window.
10. Now right click on the SSC service utility, it looks like a printer icon near your clock in the task bar.
11. Then click on reset counters. You can do all other stuff with this utility too.
12. Turn off the printer power and then turn it on again. If necessary un-plug the power cord from the back of the printer, wait 20 seconds. Plug it back in.

  SonnyB 13:29 12 Feb 2005

Thanks for help so far, I have done all you said but it does not ask if I have replaced pads and is still not working so have I missed something?

  JIM 13:30 12 Feb 2005

a good tutorial from you should help others,i have it bookmarked.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:28 12 Feb 2005

Printer must be plugged into usb and switched on.

Configuration Tab check installed printers --your model shown Printer model --- you have selected your printer C41/C42/C43/C44/C45

Right click item in system tray click protection counter. click reset

  ened 15:40 12 Feb 2005

"You see printer companies set a “protection counter”on all printers "

I would be interested to know if this applies to other brands than Epson.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 12 Feb 2005

Yes HP and Cannon also do it.

Reach a certain number of prints and it stops working take to service centre and they will reset.

  SonnyB 20:33 12 Feb 2005

Thank you very much, problem solved.

  Buchan 35 21:27 12 Feb 2005

Thanks for you input here. I`ve had the same problem and I took my printer to the local Epson man and fortunately my printer was just in guarantee. I`ve printed your answer and hopefully it`ll work in the future. Again many thanks

  megat193 21:32 12 Feb 2005

I was once told by a technician that HP printers have a 'waste tank', when this is full it causes problems. Simply delving into the innards and emptying the tank solves the problem. Either way Fruit Bat /\0/\'s posting is extremely useful. Thanks for that.

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