Epson USB printer on Ethernet ?

  daba 22:26 10 Feb 2009

Does anyone know of a "cheap" solution to putting a USB Epson printer onto an Ethernet or Wireless network via the modem/router ?

Not particularly interested in spooling memory, as it won't get much use, but want the convenience of printing from laptops and desktops without re-arranging the tidy cabling everytime.

I won't be able to network the laptops to the desktops for resource sharing, as there'd be no guaranteee the sharing PC would be on anyway.

  Strawballs 22:28 10 Feb 2009

Print server connected to router.

  woodchip 22:29 10 Feb 2009

You need a Printer Server click here

  daba 22:38 10 Feb 2009

I looked at that one, woodchip, but it doesn't support "all-in-one" printers with scanner and memroy card slots - like my Epson RX620.

  ambra4 22:38 10 Feb 2009

Look at the Belkin Wireless-G All in One Print Server

click here

  daba 22:50 10 Feb 2009

that looks like the kit i need, ambra4, thanks for the link.

  woodchip 22:55 10 Feb 2009

I have the same printer as you, whats the point of using it for scanner or Card slot you have to go to put things in for that to work. So it defeats the point

  daba 23:09 10 Feb 2009

like, for when the laptops want to print, that's what the printer gets used for mainly.

like, at the mo, my PC has to be ON to share the printer with the other desktop.

like, if I use the print server gizmo, there'll be no fiddling around with swapping connections.

  Sea Urchin 23:36 10 Feb 2009

A little cheaper from Amazon

click here

  daba 23:47 07 Mar 2009

Thanks for the above advice(s).

I managed to pick up a Belkin Wireless-G All in One Print Server at a very modest price on eBay.

Does the job intended - except it has escalated another problem/annoyance.

Might need more technical help so will start a new thread.


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