Epson sylus printer C80, memory

  brob 20:52 18 Feb 2003

I do not nead the memory feature how can I switch it off

  Rtus 21:53 18 Feb 2003

Memory Feature ? could you elaborate a little more..please

  brob 19:07 19 Feb 2003

Every time you print a page it goes into the memory of the printer,this is so you can print the same page later on without getting it from the computer, the trouble is that the memory soon fills up and it is trouble to clear the memory , so i want to know how I can switch off the memory so that the printer only prints out what the computer say's and does not record it in the memory.

  Rtus 21:30 19 Feb 2003

You can not switch the Memory Off..I think you may have something slightly amiss here .The memory in the printer flushes at the end of the print job,,But settings can hold this proccess ,Generally If say your using the C80 ( USB)and have its Status monitor 3 loaded and running it will work as intended. However It is known for several conflicts. Its recomended 1. not to Usb hub these printers .Using only the motherboard main usb port.Correctly configured in The Bios settings .and not as pass through on Usb scanners. And again its advisable to ensure you have latest driver for you O/S type..And set the printer ports properties underSettings >Printers> Select Printer > right click >select properties> Details Tab> Spool settings > enable Bi directional communication > Set Spool settings To RAW and to print after first page is spooled..Its also here you can select Print Direct to printer.But note this generally slows the whole proccess down.Partic on big print jobs.

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