Epson Sylus Photo RX520 Packed Up

  price 20:11 18 Jan 2008

My Epson Stylus Photo RX 520 was working fine till I replaced the ink toners. The printer is now telling me it has no ink, the screwdriver tool button does not work (nor do any of the mode buttons). I have disabled the status monitor, I have tried a second set of ink toners, I even put back the original inks but the printer is still telling me it is out of ink (which it clearly is NOT) The only thing it will do at the momemt is scan a document into photoshop. The only button that seems to be working is the on/off switch. Anybody got any ideas?

  ronalddonald 19:07 28 Jul 2008

reinstalling the driver cd that came with the printer

  MsTechie 22:17 28 Jul 2008

I have come accross this problem before and this software will reset the ink cartridges, i found it even let me carry on printing when the ink was showing empty click here

Be warned though I would only use it on a printer thats warranty has expired.

  woodchip 22:35 28 Jul 2008

If it the only Epson on your Computer try removing Epson completely from your System including Regedit

Then Resetup the Printer using the Epson CD, Only switch the printer on when Setup starts looking for the printer

  woodchip 23:05 28 Jul 2008

I bought a RX620 ex display, nothing with it when I bought it. Cost £25 plus vat All the bits from Epson £35 Except Ink its only had compatible ink from buying it.

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