Epson SX130 not recognising Tesco ink cartridges?

  buel 11:47 03 Feb 2013

Hi, My friend's Epson SX130 printer will not recognise any of the Tesco ink cartridges, please can I ask why this is and is there anything I can do about it for him? Thank you.

  mooly 13:31 03 Feb 2013

I guess the obvious answer is to take them back. I've never seen Tesco cartridges. If it works with other brands then you have your answer.

  Woolwell 14:32 03 Feb 2013

I've never had a problem with Tesco cartridges. Assuming that he has the right cartridges (it's easy to get the wrong ones) then suggest that they are taken back.

  buel 14:37 03 Feb 2013

Well it did used to be fine with the Tesco brand you see. I have tried the black cartridge from my own similar epson SX105 and mthe SX130 wont recognise those either?

  SillBill 15:02 03 Feb 2013
  SillBill 15:03 03 Feb 2013
  mooly 16:22 03 Feb 2013

I'm not 100% that you can just remove and replace (as in put it back or try in another printer) a chipped cartridge.

I suspect if Tesco are like other "supermarket own brands" then they could well be Jettecs' which are very distinctive.

But the same applies... take 'em back.

  SillBill 16:36 03 Feb 2013

Before taking them back try cleaning the chip gently with a microfibre cloth, it usually works for me, even if I have to take the cartridge out several times

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