Epson Stylus Photo R300 or R200 colour probs

  LAP 22:30 11 Apr 2004

Have been using compatible inks for years in our C62 printers with no problems.

Just treated myself to an R300 because of the 6 inks and have been more than pleased particularly with the skin tones. Used up the original inks and now on my first set of compatible inks.

My problem is that it now appears to be picking on the green on certain parts of the prints. ie certain parts of my wifes dark hair is tinged green. A friends dog which is grey the tips of the ears, eyebrows and around its nose is tinged green.

It is not the original digital photos that is the problem because they print out perfect colours on my wifes C62.

I thought about replacing just the cyan & light cyan cartridges with originals to see if this works.

So my question is has anyone got an R200 or R300 (use same inks) and have exprience of this problem?

Or has anyone any ideas how I can sort this out? I would like to keep using compatibles if possible. Thanks you..

  hugh-265156 23:10 11 Apr 2004

try running a cleaning cycle.

with click here

this does a great job and lets you choose between cleaning individual colours and also gives a thorough clean option which is stronger than the printers own.has other features too like freezer and so free.

  LAP 19:16 12 Apr 2004

huggyg71, thanks the download is a very useful tool and will come in handy when my wifes C62 plays up again. As for my problem I've tried the 'extra' cleaning utility but this has not solved the problem. I will try again. Any further ideas? Thanks again..Lap..

  SantasLittleHelper 19:29 12 Apr 2004

This can be a problem with some compatibles, suggest you try another make. Make sure you clean the old ink out of the heads thoroughly. If no luck with different inks post again and will try to help some more.

  LAP 19:38 12 Apr 2004

SantasLittleHelper, thank you I will try you suggestion. Have been using Choice Stationary for my compatibles. Any ideas where the next best price place is? Lap..

  SantasLittleHelper 20:31 12 Apr 2004

Try they are very good even for genuine Epson inks.

  LAP 21:18 12 Apr 2004

SantasLittleHelper, I will try cleaning again etc. If this fails (a swift kick) then I will order replacement carts from the site you suggested. Thank you..Lap..

  LAP 22:32 18 Apr 2004

Back again......

Have just replaced all 6 cartridges with the make 'Inkrite' have run several clean heads and in between printed large blocks of the colours to clear out the old ink. Each cart is now showing 1/4 empty and the problem is still the same. Any more suggestions please? Thank you.

  maz2 22:44 18 Apr 2004

I've been using Jet Tec as I also find this problem with compatibles, they are a bit dearer but I think BOGOFINK have a 2 for 1 offer, I also ended up cleaning and wasting with most of the other compatibles Jet Tec offer full guarantee and claim to be the nearest thing to the original

  €dstowe 23:16 18 Apr 2004

Epson are now manufacturing inks that are a different formulation to the conventional dye solutions that compatibles and refillers use. For example, the Epson "C" series uses insoluble pigments and are to a large extent, waterproof. The "R" series are different again, also claim to be waterproof and in this alone are different to conventional inks.

This may be subterfuge by Epson to stop people successfully using compatibles or it may be just a way of improving their product but either way, it may explain why you are not getting acceptable results.

In addition, there is much more to making inks than just slinging a load of colour into a solvent and hoping for the best. There is colour matching to be done on the inks and the correct colorants to be used. There are potentially thousands of candidate dyestuffs and pigments that can be made into ink. All have a different colour character which can make a huge difference to the final print. If you are printing colour critical work it is worthwhile, surely, to use the real thing.

With Epson printers having a permanent writing head in the printer (rather than in the cartridge and thus replaceable), it will take quite a lot of flushing the errant ink out of the system.

Remember that green is made up from cyan and yellow so you may have another set of tanks to consider.

Almost weekly we have firms trying to sell us compatible this-that-and-the-others, including inks. We have tried them in the past but invariably they are not as good as the "real thing" which, after all, our clients are paying for and, out of a moral responsibility, we ensure that they get.


  neko 00:02 19 Apr 2004

hey all

I use an Epson R200 and have superb results with cartridges from the ever popular Choice Stationary.

I am gonna try out that download huggyg71 suggests.looks good.

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