Epson Stylus D92 - black print only

  Dave1947 19:16 14 Jan 2009


Does anybody out there know if it is possible to force this printer to work on black ink only when a colour cartridge has run out (shops are closed)



  MAT ALAN 19:34 14 Jan 2009

To print in black only you will need to click Start > Control Panel > Printers & Faxes or Other Hardware. Right click your EPSON icon and select Printing Preferences. In the Printing Preferences window you should already be in the MAIN tab. Click the Advanced button located in the bottom right hand corner. Click continue if prompted to do so. On the left hand side of this new advanced menu you should see the option for "Black Ink Only" or "GreyScale". Tick this check box and then click OK. The printer will now be fully configured to print in black only.

  Dave1947 20:29 14 Jan 2009

Hi Mat,

Been there, done that - when I try to print the pop-up dialogue appears telling me to change the colour cartridge & the printer locks out


  MAT ALAN 20:36 14 Jan 2009

click here

seems you have to change the option in printer preferences...

  Dave1947 20:39 14 Jan 2009


yep, done that as well

  MAT ALAN 20:42 14 Jan 2009

And it still won't!!! then for the time being i'm at a complete loss...

Gonna do a bit of diggin, see what i can find...

  Dave1947 20:49 14 Jan 2009

Thanks Mat..
Epson help line is closed down for the night, even tried blagging my way into the US site (on the basis they might still be open), but they don't seem to sell the D92 in America


  MAT ALAN 20:50 14 Jan 2009

Have you tried it with colour cart out of printer

Straw clutching, uninstall/reinstall drivers or black cart is faulty...

  Dave1947 21:00 14 Jan 2009

Tried without colour cart, and also with status monitor disabled - still no joy

  MAT ALAN 21:30 14 Jan 2009

Sorry Dave1947 i am now at a complete loss...

There are conflicting posts from other threads that suggest the Epson D92 does and DOES NOT support this function...

  Sea Urchin 23:49 14 Jan 2009

Epson printers canĀ“t operate if one of the cartridges is empty. There is no workaround for that.
Epson printers actually use a LITTLE ink from
ALL the color carts, even when you select "black only" in the driver. They do this to help keep the nozzles from clogging in the case of users who
mostly print in black. Nobody [besides perhaps Epson] ever claimed Epson printers were the most efficient or environmentally-friendly ones in the world.
For quite a while now Epson uses piezoelectric printheads, as opposed to the thermal heads used on most other printers. The enemy of piezo heads is air bubbles. They can damage the costly head, and that's why you cannot continue to use the
printer if ANY individual cartridge runs out of ink.
In fact, Epson designed its cartridges to signal "empty" when there's still around 15% (higher by some estimates) ink left! That's to make certain you can't run the cart completely dry and thereby introduce air into the head.
If you don't believe that, carefully open up a spent cartridge over a sink, slice open the plastic film covering the various ink channels and rinse it out -- repeatedly push in the spring loaded outlet valve as well. There's so much ink left, it will take quite a while before the water begins to clear!
It's incredibly wasteful and annoying, but it actually saves money in the long run, because it's even MORE wasteful to run tons of cleaning cycles just to purge the head once you've gotten air in the system.

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