Epson Stylus Colour 760 Cartridge problem.

  dave h 11:30 09 Jul 2003

My friend has the above mentioned printer and has done very little colour printing since he bought it. He has also not printed any 'Black & White' photographs.

Despite this, he has seen the colour cartridge indicator gradually go down, and now it has reached the 'Replace Cartridge' condition, and the printer will not even print in black text only.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Never having used an Epson Printer I'm somewhat at a loss to advise him.

Thanx in advance.

  ardvarc 11:55 09 Jul 2003

Tell him to leave it switched off all the time until he needs it. If he goes a while without using it print out a small page once or twice a week. Not a expert but this model seems to use a lot of ink during auto setup when switching on.

  Confab 12:19 09 Jul 2003

You didn't say how long ago the machine was bought but the it will use some colour ink when it cleans it's nozzels (whether automatically or if you maunally do it)

Also when he does print is the printer set to print in colour or black and white? if its set to colour it my use colour ink even if you are printing what appears to be a black image.

  Holographic_man 15:06 09 Jul 2003

I have a 760 had it just over 3 years, never come accross this one, but if he does not use the printer the ink will dry up.

So it is best to run the printer once twice a week as advarc says. I would also recomend he goes and buys compatible ink, such as click here

  pj123 16:30 09 Jul 2003

It isn't a problem. Everytime you switch the printer on it will go through an initialise programme which uses ink, both black and colour

there will come a time when cartridges need to be replaced. go to click here to get the best prices.

  dave h 18:08 09 Jul 2003

....Thank you all for the advice so far.

Whilst I understand that the printer may use some ink during the initialise sequence, this could not account the cartridges running out with almost no colour printing being done.

Also, why does the printer refuse to print documents containing only black text. The (allegedly) empty colour cartridge shouldn't prevent 'black only printing should it?

  Confab 18:24 09 Jul 2003

An empty colour cart will prevent the printer from printing in black. There are ways around it although I wouldn't recommend it. If you remove the colour and the replace it back in the printer it should see the colour as full or partially full, allowing you to print in black.

  Smiler 18:57 09 Jul 2003

Is it a chipped cartridge? If so there is no point in putting the cartridge back into the printer as the chip will tell the printer the level of ink left in the cart in relation to the number of prints made.
You need a chip resetting kit such as those made by Jet Tec click here
I've been using one for 2 years now and I can reset an epson cartridge after it tells me it's empty then carry on using it until the ink really runs out. You have to use the chips supplied by jet tec as the epson ones won't reprogram.

  woodchip 19:13 09 Jul 2003

As it got a chip on the side, if it as it will probably be programmed by Epson to last so long even if not used. If it's got a chip you could buy a reprogrammer for chip and try that to see if he can get it back. It may degrade with time

  pj123 09:58 10 Jul 2003

Go to File, Print, Properties and change the Ink from Colour to Black and you should find it will print.

  Confab 11:03 10 Jul 2003

I'm sure that thay are the same carts as on my 740 and they are not chipped. With my printer you cannot print in black if the colour cart is empty. The printer won't allow you to do it. The only way around it is as I mentioned above.

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