epson stylus colour 600 printout problems

  jeffp 08:11 23 Aug 2004

my epson printer has started to print very fine blue lines across my photograps when in superfine 1440 dpi, but when in 720 dpi or lower its fine. I have changed printer cartridges, printer cables and reinstalled drivers, I have even tried it on my old macintosh 5400 using the serial cable and the result is the same fine blue lines across the photograph. can anyone help please as 720 dpi is not as good for photographs, and the epson 600 is handy for pc's and my old mac.

  Nigel-331402 08:51 23 Aug 2004

Have you tried going into the printer properties and doing either a clean or a deep clean ?

  Djohn 09:05 23 Aug 2004

I used to have the Epson 600 and an excellent printer it was, though I found it did need frequent head cleans to give it's best.

I would think that when printing at high quality, 1440 DPI it is using the extra nozzles that are not normally used and these are very fine indeed. So while it will still give a clear printout at 720 DPI It s the extra fine nozzles that need cleaning.

You can buy cleaning cartridges for the Epson and these may be worth trying, you insert them in place of the two normal ink cartridges and do several head cleans then print out several photo's at high quality to use the heads. Nothing will show on the paper of course, so use just two sheets and keep feeding them through.

If this fails then the next step is to use a strong cleaning fluid on the print-heads themselves as you will have nothing to lose if it does not work. Epson also have local repair centres were you can drop your printer in for checking and repair at a reasonable price. Your local centre can be found from the Epson website.

I know that printers can now be bought new for £25.00 or so but they will never match the quality of what was a £300.00 printer when it first came out. If you do decide to buy new then look in the price range of £150.00 or so then you will notice a big improvement, even over your trusty old Epson.

Regards. j.

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