Epson Stylus colour 600 printing problem

  Pamy 14:39 10 Nov 2005

Hello everyone,

I have had this printer since about 1999 without any problems until the last few weeks, so I dont think it ows me anything. On "Best" quality print setting it is fine but recently on normal print setting I am getting banding lines across the page. I have tried all the cleaning and nozzle set up a few times but it does not have any effect, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how to cure it?


  Bagsey 14:47 10 Nov 2005

Have you tried running some cleaning cartridges.
Look at 7dayshop for cheap ones 0.99p each.. It could be worth a try.

  SANTOS7 14:51 10 Nov 2005

I have a Epson 680 (circa2000) have to take casing off from time to time to get rid of ink buildup on rollers and around paper feed, have a look there it may help...

  Pamy 14:57 10 Nov 2005

Bagsey, thanks for quick reply. No I have not tried a cleaning cartridge,but will get hold of some and try them.(I have run methalated spirit through in the past when the heads have bean blocked through lack of use) I have run the cleaning process many times with the ink cartridges but thought it may be something other than blocked nozzels as it is OK on Best print setting.


  Monoux 14:59 10 Nov 2005

Have you tried from the maintenace section re- aligning the cartridges. if they get very slightly out of line it can cause the banding you describe

  Pamy 15:01 10 Nov 2005

Santos7, thank you for your suggestion also. Will get hubby to look there if cannot cure any other way.


  Pamy 15:04 10 Nov 2005

Monoux, I have tried where you enter another number in order line up vertical lines, but this did not help. Is that what you ment?


  choicestationery 15:53 10 Nov 2005

Hi From Choice Stationery click here

You could try this:

Turn your printer on, and run the cleaning program 5 times - BUT DO NOT print any test pages in between or after. Leave your printer to stand switched on overnight. In the morning run one more cleaning cycle followed by a nozzle check and fingers crossed - all should be fine

If not, why not try a set of cleaning cartridges?

Choice Stationery Supplies

  Diemmess 16:15 10 Nov 2005

Most of the suggestions should be tried. After all the fuss and panic, including simply leaving the thing alone overnight to allow any minute air bubbles to disperse.
Your opening statement "have had this printer since about 1999" may be the bottom line truth that nothing is forever.

  Pamy 17:52 10 Nov 2005

Hey guys thanks for all your replies. Thanks Paul from Choice Stationary for your suggestion that I will certainly try.

On normal print setting the page is moved forward about 9mm's at a time with a pause in between and it is at this point that the band line appears. On "Best" print setting this does not happen and the print is perfect, that is why I do not think the banding is due to blocked nozzels. I think it probably due for replacement.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 10 Nov 2005

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