Epson Stylus Colour 600 Printer

  Duncanf 21:22 17 Feb 2007

This is a last chance to save my faithful Epson 600 printer which I've always managed to fix but now all three red warning lights alongwith the power light are coming on when the printer is switched on. These lights refer to the 2 cartridges and paper feed. Has anyone had this problem and rectified it? The printer was originally a retiral gift and I'm reluctant to part with it if there is a glimmer of hope!

  STREETWORK 21:27 17 Feb 2007

Download and install this service utility.

Once installed use it to reset the counters.

click here

This could relate to the built in feature that asks you with out asking to change the ink pad. Make sure you exit the Epson Printers Monitor before installing...

  Duncanf 00:04 18 Feb 2007

Thanks, STREETWORK. I downloaded the Service Utility programme....wasn't sure what you meant by the 'Epson Printers Monitor' but when I clicked reset counters the error message 'Printer off or some other problem' came up. I don't seem to be able to get past that screen even although the printer is switched on and all lights flashing! Will keep trying. Thanks again for your help.

  phono 01:09 18 Feb 2007

When you install an Epson printer a printer monitoring program called Status Monitor is also installed, it looks after the amount of ink remaining etc etc.

Make sure it is at least stopped running, or preferably uninstalled, before trying to use the SSC program as it may cause conflicts.

I believe that STREETWORK is referring to a pad within the printer which soaks up excess ink as the result of cleaning, print head aligning and other operations, Epson have a counter built in to basically stop the printer saturating this pad and thus stopping the printer working, well, I believe that's their explanation anyway.

Try having a look at click here and let us know how you get on.

  Duncanf 14:18 18 Feb 2007

Thanks phono for your post. I'll work my way through the suggestions and keep you informed of results. Thanks again....and of course to STREETWORK again.

  STREETWORK 20:00 18 Feb 2007

To stop Printer monitor from running at start up.

Clcik 'start' - 'run' then type msconfig

This will open up a window, select the start up tab and scroll down to find any instances of epson monitor. Remove the tick from the box, click apply then exit the window. You will be prompted to reboot to make the changes.

The status monitor will now not start when you boot.

Re-run the SSC and reset the counters. You may have to do this two of three times...

  Duncanf 21:17 18 Feb 2007

Thanks STREETWORK....I've got into the Start up and there are no instances of any Epson items. When the 600 printer stopped working recently, I connected a C42UX one which I had in case of an emergency and made that the default printer so I could get some essential printing done. Since that, I reinstalled the 600 printer as default so I could try suggestions for fixing. All 4 lights are still flashing on it!
From what you suggest, these lights should be out before resetting counters.

  phono 00:26 19 Feb 2007

The blinking lights sequence you describe indicate a service request, the manual says the remedy is to replace the waste ink pad and reset the EEPROM, this is done as follows:

1. Replace the waste ink pad to new one.
2. After re-assembling the printer, turn the printer on while hold down the following buttons on the control panel:

LOAD/EJECT button and CLEANING button now press the LOAD/EJECT button again while the PAPER END indicator is blinking.

This clears the maintenance error condition and the waste ink counter value stored in EEPROM of the main board.

The service manual is available at click here under the File Information heading, click on the numbers 0 and 1, found beside the word Multipart to download, use UnRAR from click here to extract the manual in PDF format.

This contains full dis-assembly instructions and a waste ink pad change is quite easy. In fact you don't even have to change it, you can wash it thoroughly, it may take several attempts, then let it dry before replacing it in the printer.

I have done this operation myself on another Epson model and it really is not too difficult, it is well wort a go and gives tremendous satisfaction when your printer springs back into life if you are successful.

If you have any problems downloading the manual etc let me know and I can either provide a better link or email you a copy, click on the small envelope beside my name on the forum if you wish to email me personally.

  Duncanf 01:08 19 Feb 2007

Thanks again, phono for your detailed information. I've downloaded the manual in 2 parts and also the UnRar file. At the moment I haven't been able to open the file as I'm not sure of the sequence. I'll persevere for a few moments and then have to get to bed! Thanks again for this excellent suggestion.

  phono 01:48 19 Feb 2007

Forgot to say that you could go ahead and try an EEPROM reset before attempting to change the waste ink pad as there is no actual check carried out by the printer as to how saturated it is.

In this way you could see if it is going to be worthwhile or not to change the pad.

  Duncanf 09:51 19 Feb 2007

Thanks, phono. I've downloaded the Epson Service manual in 2 parts and also the UnRar file which you say I need to open the manual in PDF and have the icons on the desktop but not sure what to do in sequence to open the file. Can you, or anyone please talk me through the necessary procedure?
Thanks in anticipation.

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