Epson Stylus Color 680 not printing black

  SOFTWARE SID 17:24 20 Feb 2004

I'm on Win 98 SE and for the past ten days or so, my Epson Stylus Color 680 has been refusing to print black, but other colours have been fine.

I've tried repeated nozzle cleaning cycles, multiple uninstalls/reinstalls of drivers, different makers' ink carts - still no result.

The status monitor tells me the black ink is half full, while the colour ink is almost full, but when printing pages from the web, only colour elements are reproduced on the page.

Where am I going wrong?

  -Beb- 17:46 20 Feb 2004

Try installing a new black cartridge. The ink level things aren't reliable in my opinion

  SOFTWARE SID 17:57 20 Feb 2004

Thanks Beb, but tried that. Sorry - should have said. I am using 'Genuink'brand compatibles at present, cannot recall brand name I was using for my previous cartridge, but have used Genuink before without any problems.

My printer, by the way, is three years old. Is it usual for them to have near death experiences at this stage? I am by no means a heavy user.

  Diemmess 18:00 20 Feb 2004

Similar troubles with daughter's identical machine.

Successively I tried head cleaning... replaced black and head cleaning....... Left well alone overnight for ink to percolate through and any airlock to disperse....

Eventually printed black with 50% of each band unprinted.

With nothing to lose, dismantled print head module and "sponged" the business-end with a cotton bud and isopropanol. Reassembled and all through the first routine, including the overnight wait.

No further improvement, I believe part of the black piezo head had failed ---- and binned the printer.

  Diemmess 18:04 20 Feb 2004

Again, could be coincidence the printer was the same age and had moderate use by daughter and her 2 schoolboy sons.
She also used look-a-like cartridges without trouble to that point.

  SOFTWARE SID 20:21 20 Feb 2004

Thanks for the warning .. will try and emulate your cleaning routine.. if no joy, well, it's served me well until a fortnight ago...

Will scan the boards for any recommendations for a good budget printer, and come back and tick here in a day or so if there's no more feedback!

  woodchip 20:31 20 Feb 2004

Try a cleaning Cartridge

  bloo meeny 22:19 20 Feb 2004

click here

The POWERFUL cleaning facility cleared my blockage (Oooer !!) on a Stylus Colour 760 which is three and a half years old with under average use. Black output was actually nil (100% blocked) until I used this. You can reset ink counters with it too.

  Strawballs 23:09 20 Feb 2004

Try as woodchip suggested cleaning cartidge.
Can get them from

  woodchip 23:16 20 Feb 2004
  SOFTWARE SID 09:42 21 Feb 2004

Will investigate a cleaning cartridge. SSC, by the way, seems to be producing some results - I've gone from no black at all, to having about 25 percent strength on printer tests, after a few cleaning runs.

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