Epson Stylus C82 Printhead Failure

  The Griffin 20:00 14 Aug 2004

After less than 18 months of use - it seems that my C82 has failed. After a routine change of a black cartridge (genuine Epson) - it refused to print. I've tried everything that I can think of which included reference to various on-line help sites (inclding of course Epson's and the PC Advisor's Helproom). Finally I 'phoned the Epson support centre where a "very nice man" told me (after taking me through several more purges etc) that it was probably the printhead and that as a replacement part would cost more than a new printer... you know the rest. Phone calls to several local repair centres confirmed this. Needless to say I'm distinctly unimpressed and will certainly not buy another Epson.
Just before I take a hammer to it in John Cleese fashion - I did wonder whether I could attempt a repair on my own. Can I buy a replacment printhead any where - and maybe a service manual? Or will I just be wasting my time? Has any body else got any suggestions - maybe even some advice about what I could do with the duff printer! I'll bet some one could find a use for it!

  Pesala 20:28 14 Aug 2004

No fault of Epson especially. The same would be true of any other make of printer that has built-in print heads. Repairing it yourself will cost you more in time and strife than getting it done. Printers without built-in heads may have higher running costs. Eighteen months is not very long for the £150 it cost you, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

My Stylus C80 is still going strong after two years of light use, my EPL5900 is still going strong after three years of heavy use. I use compatible ink cartridges and refill toner. If they pack up tomorrow, I can buy a faster or better Epson printer for half the price I paid for those.

Just forget your bad experience, and take an objective look at the reviews. It looks like a straight choice between Epson and Canon. If you buy the C84 click here I suspect that you can reuse your remaining colour cartridges (about £20 worth?)

I wouldn't take a hammer to it yet. Maybe someone will come along who can get it going again. Perhaps they could offer to post you a nearly empty black cartridge. Mine is still 3/4 full.

  Totally-braindead 20:41 14 Aug 2004

I'm afraid Pesala is right, when it comes down to getting a printer repaired its cheaper to buy a new one. Its not just Epson, I've got an Epson 680 and before that I had another Epson which developed the same fault, cost of a replacement printhead I was quoted was about £120 I think, so I just bought a new printer. Its the same as a lot of things though, take a video recorder for example, its cheaper to buy a new one than to get it fixed(in most cases). I know its not any help but I think it would be the same whatever make of printer you had although you would certainly expect more than 18 months use out of it. I too tried to find another retailer to supply a new print head and did eventually find one but it was still £80 and its just not worth it.

click here

Try this link for more information and some possible fixes to your problem.

I have a C84 with no problems, so do not throw out the brand for one bad experience. The C84 is now less than £73 at EBuyer


  The Griffin 23:14 14 Aug 2004

Many thanks for your collective help. If I'd seen all the threads of similar problems experienced by unwitting C82 buyers on the http// website - I'd never have bought the wretched thing in the first place. So I cannot agree with the view that it's not Epson's fault! Most of the people I've spoken to today have acknowledged the blocked printhead problem is not at all unusual for Epsons - and one of the repair centres I contacted said that they had replaced all their Epson models with HP!
So tomorrow, I'll fiddle around with some 'warm distilled water' which seemed to solve the problem for one guy who posted on the above web-site - and then it's 'go' with the hammer and off to buy another HP! [My office still has one HP Deskjet 720C which has given faithful (if moderate quality)sevice for a number of years.] I won't be tempted by Epson again. Sorry!

  woodchip 23:54 14 Aug 2004

This may help click here

  jack 14:24 15 Aug 2004

All the advice re repair of small devices -not just printers- is vaild - when you consider that costs about £45 per hour to run a workshop plus parts.
Re the head failure, warm water/ alchohol/ getting a ball pen tube/ syringe on the head feed spike and give a suck/blow -try it all
some thing may work.

  Peter 17:12 15 Aug 2004


As Jack recommends, try a syringe with some isopropyl alcohol via a soft plastic tube (yellow/green electrical earth insulation might be suitable) onto the little spike that pokes into the ink cartridge. Suck/blow a few times and see if that helps. It has got to be worth a try. Keep some tissue paper handy to mop up any mess.


  The Griffin 00:12 13 Sep 2004

I thought I'd just update readers with the final chapter to my little tale. Following the advice of various contributors (for which thanks again)- I ordered an 'Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution Kit' which came all the way from good-old USA via click here [sorry - but I didn't have much of a clue of where to go and buy a bottle of IPA in my local high-street!]. After a great deal of sucking and blowing (using the helpfully provided syringe) and a lot of purging [which virtually drained the cartridges!]- I decided to cut my losses! I did manage to get a very mottled page of black-print - but four test pages later, my paper had not a mark on it! It's not that I'm bitter or anything - but suffice to say I've ordered a new HP printer - and I'll never touch an Epson again!

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