Epson Stylus C80 - Not printing properly

  Pesala 21:17 12 Nov 2004

Blocked jets or something. Just getting worse the more I try cleaning the nozzles. I've tried replacing all the cartridges with Jettec compatibles, which are usually excellent. How does one take the thing apart to clean out the waste ink collector?

Magenta and yellow initially printed fine after replacemnt. Cyan was printout on half the nozzles, black was just faint stripes. Now magenta is printing stripes, and black is just a smudge.

I use a test file of short horizontal blocks of each colour.

  Totally-braindead 23:10 12 Nov 2004

You could try this click here no guarantee it'll work but theres no harm in trying it, it works for a lot of people. Didn't for me incidentely but I discovered my print head in my old printer was US anyway.

  Totally-braindead 23:15 12 Nov 2004

Perhaps should have said, this program is meant to be more vigourous in the cleaing of the printhead than Epsons own program, also if it doesn't work you could try a cleaning cartridge but I'm unsure as to where you would get one.

  Pesala 23:47 12 Nov 2004

I have downloaded it to take a look tomorrow.

  Pesala 12:12 13 Nov 2004

The utility didn't work that well, so I continued with a few recharging and head-cleaning cycles from Epson's own printer driver.

I know have stripey cyan, magenta, yellow, and scattered black: click here

Anything else I can try?

  joeltr 14:56 13 Nov 2004

if your printer is still not right after about four nozzle checks, leave it alone overnight and try again, they sometimes benefit from this, then try a nozzle test tomorrow, it may work if all else fails, joel.

  holly polly 16:28 13 Nov 2004

choices stationary recommend that if a epson is blocked to do a powerclean

i have a c82 and this is what they advised me at choic e stationary
click on the status monitor for your epson ,click head cleaning ,preform a head clean -BUT ON NO ACCOUNT PRINT A TEST PATTERN =shut the utility and then do another head clean -DO NOT PRINT A TEST PATTERN -shut the utility down but leave your printer switched on overnight ,in the morning do a head clean and then print a test pattern ,apparently this operation really scrubs the print head as it leaves it pressurished and should in theory unblock the troublesome head or so choice tell me ,give it a go you've nowt to lose ,if this doesnt work then the only other option is a cleaning cart -best wishes hol pol...

  Pesala 00:21 15 Nov 2004

I have tried that. Let's see how it is tomorrow.

  Pesala 05:44 15 Nov 2004

CYM are fine, but black is still blocked. click here

  trevpearson 06:54 15 Nov 2004

Print a black page (make one in MS Paint). See if that forces the black ink through to dissolve the blockage.
click here
This may help too.

  Pesala 10:16 15 Nov 2004

I tried the black page two or three times. Nothing at all coming through now. I guess I need a cleaning kit. All I could find was US suppliers. Anyone in the UK?

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