Epson Stylus 830

  Bun 13:14 22 Oct 2005

Have this printer and if i don't use it for a week or so it appears to clog up. Cleaning the heads sometimes works but it is very expensive as it keps using the ink at an amazing rate. I am not using genuine Epson ink replacements could this be the problem?

  wallbash 13:32 22 Oct 2005

As your printer is getting on in years ( anything over a year old ... is now seemly anicent!!)
But as its epson, which will give you many years of service, and you are using compatables , which are really really cheap, my advice is run the printer more often and keep cleaning. Still vastly cheaper than a new printer and using 'real' expesive ink.

Have been a happy owner of a 500,600,700 and a 830 but now have gone with a canon !

  SANTOS7 13:39 22 Oct 2005

I run a 6yr old epson 680 with compat carts i head clean regularly and strip it down to clean excess from ink pads and it still serves me very well.
keep up with the tlc and maybe try diferent compat carts.
click here
if you find you need to use your printer more you could try the prog in the link...

  pj123 14:04 22 Oct 2005

I have three Epson printers, only one of which is used regularly. I find running a test print on all of them at least once a week keeps them working.

I have a document in Word consisting of a few lines of text. Some Bold, some Underlined, some in different coloured text. Plus 3 coloured squares, 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue, saved as "print test".

As it only uses 1 sheet of A4 paper it is much more economical than running the "Clean" module.

I was also told by an Epson technician (a long time ago) not to switch off my printers. They now don't run the initiallisation every time I want to print (which saves a lot of ink wastage)

  jack 16:58 22 Oct 2005

Run frquently to ensure freedon from blocked jets.
Make yourself a headcleaner - take and old cartridge
flush it by way of a refill syringe with distilled water. Then make a solution of distilled water and 10% alcohol [Vodka!] or Window cleaner.
Us instead of ink for purginf the jets.

If you have a spare syringe- make a connection with say a section of drinking straw or cable insulator so that it fits ofer the inlet spike of the clgged jet[s] fill syring with some of the above and give a good pump.

  Bun 16:59 23 Oct 2005

Okay you guys you have convinced me to persevere thanks for the input.

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