Epson Status moniter & XP

  User-2A1A8EED-B1B2-454F-8F199443AE648272 20:52 06 Jul 2003

Just upgraded to comp.with XP found my Epson 680 with no probs.Even loaded a driver without asking.Problem started when I tried to check ink level,(nozzle check-cleaning-head alingment)where all present but no ink level.Tried to load status moniter from the 680 disc and the latest from the net,but both said 680 driver wasn't loaded.Tried to unload Xp loaded driver and reload from disc everything went pearshaped,had to let load the driver.How can I get status moniter on.

  jazzypop 21:57 06 Jul 2003

I'm not an Epson user, so I do not claim a definitive answer, but your experience is fairly typical.

MS advises hardware manufacturers of the methods needed to write drivers for their new OS. Manufacturers write 'basic' drivers for their older hardware, and supply them to MS for inclusion on the OS CD.

Manufacturers then concentrate on the 'full' drivers for their forthcoming products. Many people install the 'supplied' drivers, miss a feature of the previous driver (e.g. ink-level monitoring), and a percentage of them buy a new printer in order to obtain the extra functionality of the up-to-date drivers.

I believe that Epson are amongst the worst for bringing out new drivers for older hardware, but they are by no means alone.

Having said all that, if you go to, click on the 'Download Library' link, and enter the details of your printer into the drop-down box, the Epson Status Monitor is offered as a download, alongside the actual 680 printer driver.

Worth a try, if you haven't already done so.

TA jazzypop downloaded the latest drivers from epson site and had the same probs as the drivers from the cd.This didn't happen with Win Me

  STREETWORK 22:23 06 Jul 2003

Status Monitor 3 is available for down load on click here. I have a 440, 680 and C42 and it works with all of them, by the way ignore the warning about the ink running out, change it when the ink actualy runs out...

  Jomi 23:28 06 Jul 2003

I'm using epson c62 with xp pro and had to get new drivers from the epson site, make sure you uninstall the old ones first.

  Giant68 16:47 07 Jul 2003

I use an Epson 680 with XP and the status monitor is on click here site. It works fine with XP. The one on the cd came out before XP and the win2k version is not compatible with XP.
If you have a problem finding it or downloading it send me an e-mail and I'll post you a copy on cd.


  SEASHANTY 16:57 07 Jul 2003

Have the Epson 740 and when installing on XP had to use the Windows 2000 drivers. Wasn't a new driver for this model available on XP. Downloaded the Status monitor from Epson site and whilst this gives
me the nozzle cleaning options etc it will NOT display the ink levels screenshot which I could get
with Windows 98SE. Have read somewhere that the INK LEVELS will not be displayed on XP.

  nyx2k 17:03 07 Jul 2003

i have just bought a c42 as a spare and it shows me the ink levels in xp.

  spanglysteve 18:51 07 Jul 2003

Hi this has been bgging me too. I have two printers a C42UX (its awfully slow, don't buy one!) and my fabulous Stylus Color 600. The 600 is running off the XP installed driver and the C42UX from the driver on the supplied disc.

I've got status monitor 3 from the C42UX, is there any way I can make this find the colour 600?

I noticed that you managed to do this streetwork, how?


  the lone cloner 20:19 07 Jul 2003

had similar problem with stylus c60 xp driver took away the status monitor function, problem was solved by rolling back the driver to the previous one and ignoring the signed drivers warning.

got the Status moniter loaded but it won't work under Xp.Just click on it and nothing happens

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