Epson R360 prints too red

  Jacqual 17:36 05 May 2009

I can't say I have ever been 100% happy with the print quality from my two year old Epson R360. The general colour of prints is ok but any reds are far too strong, and fiddling with the advanced colour settings doesn't seem to make any difference. The image on my laptop screen looks excellent. I recently abandoned Epson inks and am currently using Tesco equivalent - no real difference that I can see. Still too red. Any suggestions on settings that I should experiment with?

  Pamy 17:51 05 May 2009

Try you using a photo manipulating prog like Photo shop,or even a free one. You can usually change the colour levels before printing

  chub_tor 18:05 05 May 2009

Google turned this up click here it relates to a different Epson printer but the principle of increasing Cyan or decreasing Yellow and Magenta should be the same. Worth a read.

  Peter 20:09 05 May 2009


I use an Epson R800 printer and found that, although it prints coloured text, i.e. a Word document with coloured and/or highlighted text, okay, photographs were a problem. By default the printer driver comes set to Epson Vivid, but I changed mine to Epson Standard for photographs in the Advanced settings. I also altered the Gamma setting, from 1.8 to 1.5, as I found this was too high. After theses changes you will probably find that increasing the Cyan setting, 5 units at a time, makes a bit more difference.

If you load a second copy of your printer driver with a different name, perhaps Epson R360 Photo, and make the changes to the settings just in that copy, then you can revert to your original one for text printing and for seeing what the original values were when things go wrong.


  Kevscar1 21:29 05 May 2009

Have you done a nozzle check. I've run Epson printers for about 15 years, the only times I've had colour prolems is when a nozzle has been block. Ran the cleaning cycles until nozzle check was okay and it was always fixed

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