EPSON R340 CD/DVD Tray feed problems


I have an EPSON PHOTO R340 and it has just started giving problems on the CD/DVD Tray feel, I position it as instructed but find that it takes it in too far and reports that there is a feed error. As i say it has only just started doing this, has anybody had this problem of has anybody got any ideas?

  sil_ver 17:20 24 Sep 2006

I've got one of these printers and also had problems using the DVD tray. As you know you have to feed it in as far as the two marks on the tray. Mine kept drawing the tray in so far then chucking it out again. I found it was the plastic tabs on the end of the tray had become bent (probably by my trying to line the marks up) after I straightened them out everything was ok.

  Stuartli 17:25 24 Sep 2006

I've had the same problem and cure it in the same way as sil_ver - it can be a real pain sometimes.

Hey gang thank you both, I have just played aroung with these tabs and it WORKED! (just done it again and it jammed so more playing required!)
But this must be the problem so a big thanks

  Stuartli 17:36 24 Sep 2006

Mine's an R300 - it's clearly a common problem and should have been sorted some considerable time ago.

Yep I agree, A company like Epson should have this problem higlighted on their website and how to resolve it! I have checked out their site and guess what, NOT A WORD but I bet they know about it, but they are not bothered as you have already spent your money with them!!!

  sil_ver 10:48 25 Sep 2006

Of course, the fact you can buy spare DVD holders wouldn't have anything to do with it.

  Stuartli 11:10 25 Sep 2006

Not with you.

My R300's feed mechanism began playing up on only the second or third time I used the CD disk tray to print on a disk.

  pj123 11:20 25 Sep 2006

My old R200 tray gives the same problem. I have now got an R220 and Epson have redesigned the CD/DVD trays. They now don't have plastic tabs and work perfectly in both the R200 and R220.

Have a look here:

click here

Mine is the new type but the problem is NOT solved it still screws up, I'm starting to think this is a bad printer I think it's a return to PC World(doubt they will want to know) or the bin!!! getting fed up with it now as I have only printed about 25 CD's and that works out a over £4 each if I have to bin it!

  Stuartli 00:23 26 Sep 2006

>>I'm starting to think this is a bad printer>>

No, it's NOT a bad printer. It's the disk tray that's the problem...:-)

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