Epson R300 CD label print problem

  cagey 19:53 23 Oct 2006

I have downloaded a CD label picture, but am unable to print on the printable CD. I copied the file to a SD card which I put into the card reader on the printer. When I try to select the image it appears not to be present, but I can view when I open the image on the PC. It is baffling, anyone got any ideas?

  jack 20:32 23 Oct 2006

Though I have not consciously considered any other way,I suggest that label printing is only available through the computer not as direct print feature.
Consider all the things you can/have to do with label printing- Setting titles-multiple images and so on - not a direct print thing is it

  cagey 20:38 23 Oct 2006

jack---With the Epaon R300 there is an attachment you attach to the printer which then prints directly onto a printable disc, independant of the computer.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:05 23 Oct 2006

Is it in the correct format, must be JPEG or uncompressed TIFF I think.

  Technotiger 21:09 23 Oct 2006

Hi, I too had a R300 - you still need to set-up the Label for the CD direct printing, using the PC. I printed loads of direct CD's no problem.


  cagey 21:24 23 Oct 2006

I have printed dozens of CD labels on printable cds directly from this printer, but for some reason this one does not show on my print window(on the printer) and yes it is a Jpeg format. I have even took a photo with my camera of the label which shows up ok on puter but not on the printer display. If I copy 3 different cd labels (including the rogue one) onto my SD card only 2 shows up on printer window. Any ideas please.

  Technotiger 21:28 23 Oct 2006

Me again - I assume then that you have the R300 add-on which allows you to view the pics - I did not have that.
Have you tried the 'rogue' on it's own on SD card, without any others? Though, sorry I can't think of owt else!

  cagey 21:36 23 Oct 2006

Technotiger-- No I haven't got the add on device, but when I try to select photo to be printed from the screen menu there is one less file than what is on the card. If I print an Index sheet this rogue one does not appear. Yes I have tried it on its own and it does not work. It's a mystery.
Anyone help??

  Technotiger 22:06 23 Oct 2006

Have you tried loading the photo into your My Pictures and then printing it from there, rather than from the card?

  jack 22:07 23 Oct 2006

I do have the R300
I do print discs
But only via the Computer not direct.
I have had a quick play to try to emulate what you say you do.I loaded some images onto a card and inserted it and tried the menue screen to get it select an image at random ,my printer does not have the image display only the menu screen.
So far it wont play direct.
And as far as I can see it is not likely to because it needs the PrintDisc software via the computer to do the job- the printer firmware has not as far as I can make out that capability- not on my machine at any rate.

  Joe R 22:15 23 Oct 2006


the Epson print cd software accepts the following image types, Bitmap files(*.BMP), JPEG files (*.JPG), PhotoCD files(*.PCD), TIFF files(*.TIF), Windows Metafiles(*.wmf .emf), and PNG files(.PNG).

It may be possible, that the wrong extension has been added to the picture you are trying to print.

Could you open it in any image editor, and save it as a BMP, and then try to print it.?

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