Epson R285:Two orange lights flashing+needing service-Please help?

  buel 21:30 18 Feb 2013

Hi, Im using my brilliant R285 but i keep getting the message that it needs a service and the two orange lights at the front are flashing alternatively (middle and right). I have the SSC Service Utility programme but when I right-click it most of the options are greyed out. Please can I ask for some help?

Thank you all.

  The Kestrel 21:38 18 Feb 2013

The links below might help:

  The Kestrel 21:44 18 Feb 2013

Another method here - scroll down to the R285 instructions: SX410

  buel 22:30 18 Feb 2013

Hi I REALLY appreciate the help but Im stuck.

I am currently 'locked out' (If the printer has passed the maximum prints and you've continued printing throughout the warning). I have followed the instructions on how to clear this but Im afraid nothing has worked.

Any ideas please? (sorry for this)

  buel 22:49 18 Feb 2013

When i follow the instructions and try the Protection counter, then 'show current value', I get the message 'Some error occured'?

  The Old Mod 05:44 19 Feb 2013

Hi, I'm not sure what OS you are using but the SSC utility is only for 95/98/me/2k/xp as far as I know and I can't see the R285 listed either. When my R200 needed resetting I was using W7 and I had to take the printer to my friend who had an XP machine and did it there. Sorry I can't be of anymore help.

  buel 19:25 19 Feb 2013

Hi there, I am using XP (I should have said) and apparently you have to use the option of R230/R330.

Please can anyone suggest anything else?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 19 Feb 2013

it won't reset until you have emptied the waste ink tank.

  buel 21:24 19 Feb 2013

Damn it!!

How can I do that please?

  buel 22:02 19 Feb 2013

Could really do with knowing please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 19 Feb 2013

Locked Out If the printer has passed the maximum prints and you've continued printing throughout the warning, after an 'overflow' amount of prints, it may lock out completely giving you two flashing lights on your printer which you can't reset without this software or without pressing a sequence of buttons. If you are completely locked out: Firstly, you will normally need to reset the 'Counter Overflow' under the menu listing of [Protection Counter].

Now you will need to use the 'Soft Reset' utility on the menu under [Extra]. Wait about 5 minutes for the printer to reset.

This will reset your printer and stop the lock out. If both lights are still flashing or there are any other problems see additional information below and then return here to continue. Once your printer is unlocked, the 'Protection Counter' will still need to be reset after this under the menu listing of [Protection Counter].

You will be asked "Has the Ink Pad been replaced / emptied"? Say [Yes] or [OK] to this, it will then say "counter reset". You are now ready to continue printing as normal as if your printer is brand new. If your printer is listed but this procedure didn't work for you, first try switching computer and printer off and then restarting, still not, then read on or use the links at the top to check other things that can be stopping it.

The Ink Pads Don't worry about the ink pads themselves as they are on a flat enclosed tray and as the ink is water based, the water evaporates leaving behind the pigment only, which just means discoloured pads. Liquid ink is only present in the pads shortly after cleaning. However, if you've had to clean the heads a lot due to prolonged lack of use, there will be quite a lot of liquid in the pads for a while until it evaporates so don't lean your printer on its side or back for a few days or a week.

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