Epson R285 Printer Tray Problems

  eagle007 22:42 14 Sep 2008

I have had the epson R285 printer now for about 6 months but just recently I have had problems.

I use a CISS system on the printer and the problems I have had are as follows

I have expereinced banding or lines across the page and then after a while loss of colour.
The printer was under warrenty so I had it repared, with success n more banding. But the problem now is when I use the vd printing tray I seem to have double printing going on it. Which gives it a ghostly effect.
I dont know if it is the tubes catching but I have pressed them in and it seems to be ok but I still experience the ghost effect.

Has anyone got any ideas?

  woodchip 23:03 14 Sep 2008

What Tubes? Banding is a result of the Printer not being used enough, and ink dries in the jets

  woodchip 23:04 14 Sep 2008

If its still under Warranty Sort it out with Epson, tell them the repair did not work

  eagle007 23:11 14 Sep 2008

the tubes are the usual ones going into ink carts from a Continuous Ink Supply Systems as per warranty because im not using epson carts the warranty becomes void next time.
seems they want to con you into using al their products

  woodchip 23:15 14 Sep 2008

When you change to other inks you should clear out all other inks, as they may not work together and create a Chemical cocktail that dries in the jets

  woodchip 23:18 14 Sep 2008

I use Compatible Inks in a Epson RX620 Multifunction Printer But its never had Epson Ink in it as I bought the Printer cheap as a Ex Display Printer with no inks. so I do not have your problem. This applies to all inkjet printer when changing inks

  Condom 20:40 15 Sep 2008

Right lets try this again. First time I clicked response I lost it as I forgot I was not logged in. I use a CISS with my Epson R265 photo and I had the same problem after I had been abroad for 6 months and it had lain unused. As woodchip says it it most likely to be a jet problem as your ink has hardened. The tubes if you have not fixed then correctly may catch the cart as it goes back and forth but you would hear that and fixing it just a case of moving them slightly. If you followed the instructions on set up they should run clear. In the Epson printer properties management section run the jet cleaning facility at least twice and it should fix your problem as it did for me. In fact there is no harm in running all the tests as ink usage is not a problem with a CISS. Failing that you can get a bottle of ink cleaner in most computer shops for cleaning old cartridges before refilling them as mixing inks can cause problems as woodchip rightly says. It is unusual but can happen. However most people never experience it as few ever clean out their cartridges before refilling them. Use this to clean the blocked jets or tubes. You can normally tell which ones are blocked by running off a test print page and seeing which ones are not working. If you wish to send your printer back to Epson then replace the original cart before doing so and they will be none the wiser but bear in mind that the problem is most likely to be with the jets which of course may be OK in the Epson original cart. Failing all this buy yourself a new CISS system for about £20 including new ink on the Internet which is still a cheap solution. Hope these suggestions help.

  Technotiger 20:59 15 Sep 2008

Does the banding only appear now when you use the CD printing Tray? If so, perhaps you have not got the tray properly lined up with the arrows.

  eagle007 22:10 15 Sep 2008

Having read my original post I think my fingers or brain wasn't working quite right.

I have the banding sorted now thanks to the warrenty people.
The problem I have is a ghosty effect to my cd printing where it seems to print the cd but then prints a ghost version to it about a centimeter away from the original on the right
so I am wondering if i can get that sorted.

As mentioned my warrenty is void by using the ciss systems so I cant get it sorted by warrenty

  Technotiger 22:23 15 Sep 2008

It seems to me as if you have not got the printer/cd operation properly aligned. Have a look at whatever program you are using to do the CD printing, in relation to alignment - and of course make sure you do have the arrows on the tray lined up.

  eagle007 22:24 15 Sep 2008

ok thanks i will try that tomorrow

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