Epson R220 stopped printing dvds

  Bruz 06:00 11 Feb 2009

After years of great service my R220 just came up with the middle red light when I tried to print on a dvd disc.
It states that I should reset the tray and start over. This happens each time, then it gets fed up and asks for the door to be shut and the whole thing starts off again.
Anyone had this problem?
Cheers Bruz

  Les28 07:56 11 Feb 2009

I have the Epson R200 and for the last year I've had this problem, I guessed it was the clear plastic guides at the front of the tray being a bit bent and worn and the rollers not being able to grab it, so after pleading then giving it some four letter advice which it ignored I decided to "help" it. I've been giving it a push, a really firm push after the carriage has made its first pass and moved back and the intake rollers for the tray start spinning I've pushed it and a lot of times it's worked.

I've just seen this site and it seems it is the plastic guides and people have a variety of ways to try and fix this, however I've just seen these trays, new on ebay, suitable for the 220 as well, so I think I'll get a new tray and see if that solves it, Les.

click here

  Bruz 08:32 11 Feb 2009

Thanks for your input but it is a no go.
I think it is a mechanical problem.
The red light stays on no matter what you do and then both red lights come on and you have to close the door and start again. Over and over again.
I have been assisting it to take up the tray ever since I have has the printer but this time it just pushes the tray out and the red light comes on immediately. Once it said to clear the blockage! There does not appear to be anywhere where a blockage could happen unseen!
Thanks again, I will have to talk to epson about it.
Cheers Bruz

  cococeltic 00:07 23 Dec 2009

It's a wee wire on the printer that breaks.
It is a simple repare.
Pull down the bit were you put the cd/dvd tray.
There is two screws.
Take them of,Pop the trap in half, and yu will see the micro switches, and the wires. You can buy new ones on ebay or other places or just fix them.

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